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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Awkwardly About Liking Chicks

“I don’t know what your situation … if you’re single, if you’re dating, if you’re looking for love in all the … I don’t know what’s going on,” Jon Stewart told Jake Gyllenhaal last night while trying to set him up with a studio audience member. But that wasn’t even the most awkward part! That came immediately afterward, when Stewart asked him if there was ever a girl he fell in love with at first sight, and rather than lie — because we all know Jake is a big homogay, AMIRIGHT? — he said yes: his mother.

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  • Fighting Back

    Hey Queerty…you listening….NOT everybody is GAY! You feed off of every tiny crumb don’t you??? If left up to you all, everybody would be gay even the single postman buying donuts at the street corner bakery! Come on guys….REALLY?

  • Michael

    Do we actually know if Jake Gyllenhaal is gay? Do we actually know if any of the dozens of celebrities we think are gay are gay?

  • The sane Francis

    Not everyone is gay—–and not everyone is straight, either. That applies here.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    “– because we all know Jake is a big homogay, AMIRIGHT? ”

    No JD, you’re not right, you’re an asshole.

    My gaydar never beeped about Jake, as adorable as he is. But just because someone is adorable and gay friendly, and has played a gay role doesn’t make them gay. And as many experience an evolving sexuality as they mature, who knows, but why is it so fucking important for Queerty to always scream “he’s a HOMOGAY” over and over and over.

    Get a life.

  • justiceontherocks

    Three words for anyone who cares about the sexual orientation of someone they do not and never will know: GET A LIFE.

  • Jock

    queerty is so tired

  • Christine

    @FightingBack I agree. It’s actually quite harmful to both the LGBT community and our allies to equate being OKAY with gayness to being gay themselves. This erases bisexuals and heterosexual allies. Not appreciated, and harmful.

  • Marc

    Am I the only one that understood the sarcasm here? And the fact that this is poking fun at the way we take the most minute comments and interpret them as hard evidence that someone is gay? Maybe it was just me…

  • Marcus


    I got the sarcasm, but it seemed to fly over some folks’ head.

    People here are starting to remind me of the weirdos who comment on Perez’s site.

    Oh, well.

  • mike128

    I’m not sure Jake is really all that gay friendly. Did anyone ever see him doing the interviews about Brokeback Mountain? He seemed a bit homophobic to me.

    Also – I dont care if Jake is gay or not, but I totally get the gay vibe from him.

  • Oprah

    Jake is definitely gay. I believe right after he made the movie- Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger– they had a homo affair, which totally tortured Ledger given that he was confused and disoriented, therefore resorting to drugs and ultimately killing him. Sad story. LOL

  • Shannon

    OPRAH…..I have many friends in LA…and I heard the same thing….and people would be SHOCKED at how many men there on Tv are messing with men…even the married ones….it would SHOCK YOU

  • Ian

    What’s with the increasing number of reactionary freakazoids posting on Queerty? I agree with Marcus, more and more people on this site are coming across like the freaky bitches over at Perez.

  • Jeffree

    @Justiceontherocks: Agreed. I appreciate actors for their work. Celebrity gossip about who is & isn’t gay leads to lots of idle speculation that leads nowhere.

    In the words of one of the characters I sometimes play: “It’s not a closet, it’s a staircase.”

    p.s. I love how our fave cràck-hô Oprah talks about Heath Ledger died & ends her post with LOL.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Jeffree: I was not aware that you are an actor. Would enjoy seeing something you’re in.

    If gratuitous nudity is involved, so much the better.

  • mike

    not he isn’t openly gay

  • ewe

    I think he is gay but that is because he is so uncomfortable talking about the opposite sex in a casual manner. He could have easily said he prefers to keep his personal and professional life seperate. He could have said that it is indeed hard meeting women for him. There are a number of things he could have said and instead he talked about his mother. That pretty much says he has not had women in his life. Get real people. There is nothing wrong with being gay. I think this one is one of us. He needs to buy new clothes too because he is heavier than he used to be when he bought the clothes he is in. Either way he is ADORABLE.

  • Michael

    EWE, I think he’s actually quick thinker and pretty smart and he uses his celebrity to make the point that it doesn’t really matter what he does in his private life, so he messes with the media by saying things that could be misconstrued as gay, or straight.

    Good for him, because it really doesn’t matter either way. My guess is there are a lot more celebs out there who project a hetero lifestyle and are privately not so hetero. I think ol’ Jakey is being more honest by dancing around the issue. Maybe he’s bi, or gay or hetero, or hetero and curious or bi and curious and afraid to experiment, or thought he was hetero and now something else. Or thought he was hetero, got curious, had a homo experience and decided he’s hetero or vice versa. AND everything in between.

    We men are weird beings when it comes to sexuality. I’m amazed at how often my 100% hetero identifying buds graze the fringe of gay questions and behavior. Alcohol seems to bring it out in them, or it’s just there for an excuse later. Anyway, we’re an odd bunch.

  • netnite

    Jon Stewart is a sly one. I was wondering why he went THERE with Jake, but I notice he has a habit of trying to needle “rumored to be gay” guys. He’s done the same thing with Anderson Cooper.

  • ossurworld

    Well, Jake proves he is witty, and that’s another nail in his coffin.

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