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Jake Gyllenhaal Unevenly Increases Hetero:Homo Romance Movie Ratio

What happens when Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, two actors homosexual men love for very different reasons, team up for a rom-com loosely involving pharmaceutical sales? You freeze-frame the trailer to wonder what’s up with his manscaped chest hair, that’s what.

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  • D P

    Queerty, THANK YOU for giving us the head’s up on this one! I’m tagging it as a must-see movie when it gets out! …and, you’re right on EVERY COUNT about each of these actors!

  • pete

    Ugh, what crap. My teeth ache! I’m sure they both made a gazillion dollars for making this shit, which would only appeal to 14 year old girls.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Another straight movie for straight audiences.

    I’d stick with queer cinema, but much like gay porn, that has been taken over by hets as well.

  • Matt

    This looks like total shit.

  • L.

    I never quite got Gyllenhaal’s appeal. You can’t argue he has a really great body, because he does… but his face? From the first time I saw him, I wondered why filmmakers insisted on CGIing his eyes an inch or so too close to each other.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    @L.: Part of Gyllenhaal’s appeal including Maggy is not that they’re phenomenal actors or THAT good looking though he is good lucking (IMO) it has more to do with who they are. They are the children of the famed movie director and studio owner Stephen Gyllenhaal, not to mention the Gyllenhaal’s in general are descendants of Swedish Nobility. Whether you think they are great actors or not it’s undeniable that their family lineage played a huge part in their early exposure. And for the record, I think Jake has done a wonderful job (as an actor) in carving out his own path and legacy in regard to his acting career.Now, Maggie Gyllenhaal!?! anyone watch any preseason games lol?

  • L.

    @ConcernedCitizen: Oh, I do know many people find him extremely beautiful and attractive, and I’d never argue others’ tastes – beauty, eye, and all that.

    I just find his close(r-than-average)-set eyes take away from his beauty – but, again, that’s me.

    As for all the rest, I actually had no idea, but that’s probably because since I don’t find him all that cute, I never googled him :)

  • Tom

    I think I’d rather watch the last movie in which they were a “couple”

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