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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Handlers Thought He Was Having A Gay Moment

Bathroom muse Jake Gyllenhaal’s “people” — the same ones orchestrating all those romances he’s been involved with lately — thought they walked in on him and a male “friend” during an intimate tie-tying moment at the BAFTAs during Brokeback Mountain‘s whirlwind tour. This proved more awkward when said friend got uber excited for Jake’s win. This is how rumors get started, people.

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  • Reese and Taylor

    Did Jake Gyllenhall manage to get a new beard for this movie promotion?

  • Michael in Toronto

    If he IS gay, and hiding it, this was an interesting anecdote for HIM to bring up, know what I mean?

  • kitty litter

    He is talkking about his friend and documentary filmaker David Modigliani (Crawford).

    The only interesting thing about it is why bring it up almost 6 years after ? I remember David’s reaction when he won, it’s on video.

    PS: Mr Modigliani is straight

  • The sane Francis

    Sexuality isn’t solely gay and straight. So……….yeah. Take that for what it is.

  • Jay

    I have no issues with stars or anyone for that matter not confirming their orientation since it is no one’s business but their own. I do however have issues with bearding…

  • Marcus

    All I have to say is: well played, Jake. And on Kimmel, no less.

    Clap clap clap.

  • Mary Taylor

    @kitty litter: are you sure he means that guy? he said ‘corey’ in the clip, plus the guy in the vid clip of the baftas looks different to David Modigliani

  • Gregger

    It’s more the “dating” the beard of the 21st Century, Taylor Swift.

  • Zeus

    And why exactly does he have to talk in a gay lisp every time he imitates his “peoples'” reaction to this story?

  • McMike

    @Gregger: Isn’t that a riot!!! I’ve noticed Taylor Swift has dated sooo many gay men. I’ve noticed this too, but not nearly as much, with Renee Zellweger. I bet you Taylor Swift is a lesbian.

  • McMike

    Um, OK, so he’s talking about the guy and the “gay moment” and the guy is sitting in the audience? Sounds like it’s a lot, lot longer than just one moment.

  • gregger

    @McMike: I don’t think she’s a clam smacker, but I think it helps her career to “date” these hot young guys who have bigger careers than her career. She’s probably into ethnic men and is scared to date them publicly. Either that or she’s really screwing a cousin.

  • Michael

    beard doesn’t equal gay

  • anthony mark delos reyes

    maybe someone was envy him

  • anthony mark delos reyes

    or else they wanted to put him down as well as his career… I know HE was intelligent.

  • anthony mark delos reyes

    any way there’S A dozen of gay weariing beard. Right???

  • anthony mark delos reyes

    @McMike: youu Taylor think was a lesbian?? she’s beautiful anyway…

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