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  • Hilarious

    I almost feel sorry for him now because the only one he’s fooling is himself.

    And big “UGH” at him using being southern as an excuse. Southern boys are not shy, he should’ve went with northern.

    He should really just stop doing interviews about it, but I guess that would be less profitable.

    He’s acting like a closeted politician.

  • biguy

    Hmm that laugh of his when he says “…apparently that makes me gay” is just a *little* forced, kind of Tom Cruise-ish…

  • Michael

    Jake my man – the question isn’t do you or don’t you, it’s will you or won’t you. (I believe I first saw that in a comment on Queerty a while ago!! I’ve kept it close by ever since.)

    Everyone has a little bit of rainbow in them – but that doesn’t mean they’d admit it to anyone, sometimes not even themselves.

    If it is the southern in you that’s doing anything it would be keeping you in the closet because of fear.

    I could care less if you were to come out. Sure, you’re gorgeous – yeah, like GORGEOUS. (Really…BEAUTIFUL.) But you’re not at all the only beautiful one. You just happen to be one of the few with publicity.

  • Andy

    You know guys, not everyone is a fuck-machine who’ll throw themselves at anybody. There’s some people who are not impulsive and if they don’t feel, they don’t go for it. How judgmental to think otherwise.

    Could he be gay, sure. Does it matter?

  • biguy

    I wonder if he needs to be in love with guys when he has sex with them.

  • Swimmer - Chicago

    What is this guy famous for? He came across like a total control freak idiot. Is he gay – who cares?

  • desdemona

    notice the break in his tone when he says ‘when i got down on one knee, i MEANT it.’ it’s slight, but you can tell it’s a lie.

  • Ash

    @biguy: Haha, you’re so right! He totally had that Tom cruise laugh.

    And I had to laugh at Elizabeth Hasselback saying, “We’d love just the same” if he was gay. Yeah, right. Are you kidding me, Elizabeth?! Aren’t you the bigot on this show?

  • Enron

    No matter what people say, he’s handsome and sexy. Wouldn’t pass him up. Still, it all goes back to that very same issue of him being so handsome and sexy. Why should someone like me be gay, I am handsome, sexy, women like my physical features.

    So, its possible, there is self hatred of who he really is. Doing a show like the Bachelor might also be a part of a strategy to hide from homophobic family and friends and fool them into thinking that he is a man’s man. In this case, it might have backfired.

  • Joy

    Jake is such a fake. He said he found out that the relationship was over from his publicist? That’s a lie. He said in the breakup interview that HE broke up with Vienna. He lies so much he can’t keep his stories straight. Sorry Jake…nothing you say is going to redeem you now. The damage has already been done!

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