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  • Eric

    Or you could take it as the joke it is, and not be so uptight about it. You bitches need to loosen your sphincters a little.

  • Alison

    This is hilarious!! Love Adam’s sense of humor!

  • Alexis

    Watching Adam manhandle Jake is just plain hot. I would like a sequel please.

  • Marcus

    Oooh, your headline’s gonna piss off all the glamberts who can’t take a joke. ;)

  • glambert kinda..but not really

    naww,LOL marcus we know they are terminally constipated.
    thanks 4 this second take,tho, as a sexually free being, i love a hot kiss by anyone males r girls.this was LOL.. gimme MOAR bitches.

  • Plazaboy

    Damn it Lambert, I already disliked you enough and now i find you making out with my boyfriend. Now i really hate you.

  • nineinchnail

    @Alexis: I agree, take it to the next level. Jake is HOT!!!

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Lmao! “Katie Perry looks on in terror,” thats hilarious!

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    When I was in high school, I had the biggest fucking crush on Jake Shears. Damn you Adam Lambert. Damn you.

  • Aplus

    Oh! no! lambert what have you done…ha ha you bad boy you.

  • spider_orchid

    No Thanks. I’ll Pass.

  • NAP79

    I didn’t know Jake Shears was straight until I saw him making out with that girl!

  • Will

    Jake Shears is awesome. Saw the SS live at Splendour in Australia, they rocked out. And their new album really is brilliant.

  • BlogShag

    (Sigh) Puhleeeez! Yawn….

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