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Bright Light Bright Light just put out a new song with Jake Shears! We are here for it

Maybe we just needed a good dance track, but we’re excited.

Jake Shears, frontman of the Scissor Sisters, just dropped his latest collaboration: a dance tune with techno artist Bright Light Bright Light.

“Sensation” channels 80s dance-pop as well as classic queer disco tunes by the likes of Sylvester. That seems appropriate: Bright Light Bright Light recorded the track on the empty dancefloor of East Village gay club Bedlam, a venue that once hosted Sylvester and groups like Erasure.

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“For a song about connection and celebrating who you are, Jake was totally my top choice,” Bright Light Bright Light said of the collaboration. “It was so much fun to do a proper duet and have a voice that reminded me to be myself on a song about celebrating your community.” Both Shears and Bright Light Bright Light identify as queer.

“Rod’s songwriting always blows me away, and getting to record with him is an absolute joy,” Shears says of the tune. “‘Sensation’ was just one of those songs, the first time I heard it, I was like— I flipping love this.”

“Sensation” is the latest single off Bright Light Bright Light’s forthcoming album Fun City, set to debut this September. In addition to “Sensation” and “This Was My House” (another single that had us dancing through the house), the album will feature collaborations with Erasure’s Andy Bell, Justin Vivian Bond and Mark Gatiss.