Jamaican Education Minister Ronald Thwaites: No Homo In Sex-Ed Curriculum

Jamaica’s new Minister of Education, Ronald Thwaites, promised a receptive crowd that school curricula would promote “healthy heterosexual relationships.”

Recently, parents had expressed outrage that students as young as 11 were allegedly being asked about anal sex. To calm their fears, Thwaites explained, “we are going to promote healthy heterosexual relationships, but with a tolerance and compassion for those who adopt a different lifestyle. There is a difference between grooming and conditioning, and being tolerant; and that distinction is quite possible for us to craft.”

But not everyone agrees with Thwaites: Health educators, argue that young men and women (even those as young as 11) are engaging in risky sexual behavior and need comprehensive sex ed.

Thwaites disagrees, saying “the important thing is that we balance an appropriate exposure of sexuality and of human relationships to young people, but in an instance where you are not promoting and advancing a particular lifestyle which many consider to be inappropriate.”