Chalks It Up To "Tradition"

Jamaican Journo Defends Discrimination

Jamaica’s garnered quite a reputation for being anti-gay. And for good reason – last month alone, the Caribbean island saw at least three separate anti-gay attacks. All the negative publicity recently led a group of Canadian gay activists to cancel a conference meant for the island’s pristine beaches.

Now, Jamaican journalist Betty Ann Blaine‘s trying to turn things around. Well, the public image, at least. And much of her efforts are spent building up the nefarious, shadowy “homosexual lobby”:

It is very important that we understand that there is the homosexual community, and then there is homosexual activism.

First of all, the global homosexual lobby must be told unequivocally and unapologetically that Jamaica is not a homophobic country – we are a Christian country. The fact that many Jamaicans are bad Christians is a completely different matter altogether. For Jamaicans, the issue of homosexuality is a deeply cultural and spiritual matter. In the eyes of Jamaicans, to say that homosexuality is right, is to say that God is wrong, and that will never happen.

If Blaine’s all about maintaining the island’s “natural” Christian tradition, perhaps she’s keen on reinstating slavery and segregation? The colonizers did, after all, introduce religion and repression in tandem…

Jamaica, beware of homosexual backlash
[Jamaica Observer]