Jamaican PM Comes Out Against Gays

Bruce Golding sure does love double talk.

The Jamaican Prime Minister sat down with BBC yesterday and declared that his nation, which has quite the reputation for homophobia, is moving toward “greater acceptance.” Said Golding:

We do have a long-standing culture that is very opposed to homosexuality. I think that is changing. I believe there is greater acceptance now that people have different lifestyles, that their privacy must be respected.

Mere minutes later, however, he insisted that he would not accept gays into his cabinet, because membership is “not a right.” So, is the Prime Minister worried about what people think about him and his people? Apparently not, because he insisted that Jamaica will not let others impose their moralistic will:

…Jamaica is not going to allow values to be imposed on it from outside. We are going to have to determine that ourselves and we are going to have to determine to what extent those values will adopt over time – to change in perception and to change in understanding as to how people live. But it can’t be on the basis that lobby groups far and away from Jamaica will define for Jamaica how it must establish its own standards and its own morals.

Well, it sounds to us like the Jamaican leader doesn’t quite understand the definition of “morals.