Jamaican PM Golding Needs Gays, Says Gay

A Jamaican gay activist has some advice for Prime Minister Bruce Golding: get yourself some gays.

Golding, of course, wouldn’t approve of such a move, especially considering that just last month the politico declared his countrymen frown on the queers. And, what’s more, he will not, under any circumstances, accept gay people into his cabinet.

Citing the prime minister’s sliding poll numbers, however, an anonymous homo thinks the pinks would do Golding’s administration good.

We [gays] are brilliant, industrious, creative in our thoughts, dedicated to our craft, result-oriented, and very important, sensitive to people’s needs. And we don’t go around being proud for being a bigot.

But you prefer to let hatred blind your eyes to people who have the potential to take this country out of the doldrums in which we are. You are the driver, but you don’t seem to know where you are going in your vortex of discrimination, failure and confusion. But while the country suffers, gays are prospering, so exclude us at your own peril.

Mr Prime Minister, your Cabinet is full of old and impotent ‘straight’ men. You need a few good men, gay men, to spruce it up, and put the country on a path of prosperity, and not depravity.

The letter, printed in the Jamaica Gleaner, then asked the Prime Minister to circle yes or circle no. Confused by the multiple choice question, Golding set the letter a flame.