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  • tallskin2

    Ah Jamaica!

    what can one add, eh?

  • scott ny'er

    @tallskin2: And all you need to do is accuse someone and the pitchforks (or guns nowadays) come out.

    Scary place. Ban Jamaica for your safety.

  • Jonathan

    Just the accusation is deadly. So is being gay. Jamaica, one love alright. Straight or death.

  • David

    Ah Jamaica – who needs laws, when the mob rules?

  • i_dunno_but...

    OK – accused.. how watertight was the case? Was he in fact a molesting monster? If not, then you’re guilty of a shameful headline. If he was, then he got what he deserved.period.

  • hf2hvit

    Jamaica was the WORST vacation I ever took. Nasty, filthy, sewer-ridden, smelly with not very nice people with a national airline (AirJamaica) that flew whenever they cared to or when they could get the fuel to fly. Now it’s downright dangerous–esp if your gay.

  • adman

    Jamaican people are shit. We have Jamaican neighbors and the husband sits on the porch glowering at everyone all day. Then, his wife walks around to anyone who will listen telling them what the husband saw the neighbors doing. I imagine them beating the shit out of each other in the dead of night and it makes me smile.

  • reason

    @adman: Your ignorance and irrationality is showing!!!

  • Adam

    @adman: ROFLMAO.

  • Steve

    My husband grew up on the island and we went for a vacation there – but thet’s 30 years ago now. It was beautiful and the people were warm and funny. I went all over the place and never felt threatened. If this is what it’s become it really is tragic.

  • adman

    @reason: I can tell by your nick and past posts that you want a rhetorical battle. Typical keyboard bullshitter who can’t stand an honest anecdote. If I warned you not to walk on my block at night you’d pick apart my argument, go out and get the shit kicked out of you. People and the human heart are not rational, except to a foolish Cassandra like yourself. “reason” my shiny ass. Keep it real, (at least when it suits your ego, eh?) loser. If and when the truth hurts, you wouldn’t ask yourself why. You’d shoot the messenger.

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