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Jamal El Amsy loves you; honest-to-God new “Twin Peaks” footage; “Real O’Neals” canceled

Taking your eyes off Jamal El Amsy any time in the foreseeable future would be foolish and frankly quite selfish of you.

We first caught sight of the Middle Eastern actor/model on Homorazzi and feel it would be wrong not to share his handsomeness with you, our loyal readers.

And here is said handsomeness, as promised:

Getting some sunlight ??? ???????????? ?: @jake_od

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Great session last week @the_muscle_factory247 ! Will be back at this amazing gym soon ????

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This fall, Will & Grace is coming back into all our lives. To demonstrate that this is pure, undistilled truth, Debra Messing and Sean Haynes have teasingly tweeted a new clip with Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and the whole gang having a really hard time not being the consummate professionals you expect them to be. Shame on them.

Erasure returns with their singular blend of melancholic, strangely ecstatic electro-pop with World Be Gone, which features their swirlybird new single “Love You To The Sky.”

You can hear that single right here, right now:

While you’re at it, why not gratuitously watch this video for Erasure’s 1991 smash “Love To Hate You,” if only because it’s never not hugely satisfying to stridently march down corridors holding two sparklers and bemoaning all the lovers who have scorned you.

The only thing that’s really been on our minds lately is the fact that Twin Peaks is returning, which means our lives will temporarily have some meaning again — however fraught with uncanniness and menace that meaning might turn out to be.

Showtime just released a new trailer that finally gives us a look at some real, honest-to-God footage of what’s in store for everybody, and we’ll be watching it in an OCD loop until we ultimately cave and buy a Showtime subscription to watch the premiere on May 21.

Bad news in the world of sassy sitcoms: The Real O’Neals has been cancelled by ABC after two seasons.

Despite its loyal fanbase, the show ranked as the station’s least watched comedy last season. Until next time, Noah Galvin. Not a word from you, Colton.

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  • JPDonahue

    Not sure about “Not a word from you, Colton.” (Not taken as mean… just playful?)
    Colton was never anything other than polite, charming, and professional about that whole… incident.
    I’m sure most of the cast will bounce back with new projects.

    • Mack

      Now the right wing bigots will go after Will & Grace.

  • QJ201

    I watched every episode of the Real O”Neals.. because I love Martha Plimpton… (I watched every episode of Raising Hope!).

    However Noah’s character was completely unlikeable, a bitter old queen in waiting if his attitude doesn’t change. Not funny. Then Noah stuck is foot in his mouth complaining about gay stereotypes when his character was a rip off of Kurt from Glee, but without any endearing qualities.

    • JPDonahue

      Martha will do just fine. GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!

    • dean089

      I thought the same thing. It would have been a better show if Noah Galvin’s character had run off to San Francisco or wherever, never to be seen again. Not because he was gay but because he was nothing more than a whiny, self-absorbed stereotype. It’s 2017, we deserve better representation.

  • JPDonahue

    Martha will do just fine. GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!

    • Captain Obvious

      I couldn’t figure out why she looked so familiar.


    That “thick mick”-parodying, plastic paddy @Joety or (whatever his loser name was ) is trolling the O’Neals story comments on Pink News — oh how the shitey have fallen. To be sure to be sure.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Darn – I was hoping Trump would appoint Joeyty as Ambassador to the Vatican, thus solving several problems at once. But maybe the third Mrs. Gingrich better represents modern American Catholic values, lol.

  • aussiefrog

    Folks, Jamal El Amsy is Australian. Down here, we don’t feel the need for racial ghetto-isation … black, white, brown, yellow, indigenous or immigrant…if you’re a citizen, you’re Australian.

  • He BGB

    Making a show with the main character gay as a picnic basket targeted at the general public? Nice try. Martha Plimpton, I enjoy her but she was wasted on the show. And the brother Jimmy seemed more gay and likeable than the main character (in reality would most brothers be that chummy with their gay younger brother and hang out with him all the time?)

  • Alan down in Florida

    The Real O’Neals was always a high concept with a limited shelf life. IMHO I thought their throuple story line was more daring than the gay lead. Quite honestly I thought the show would been booted by ABC after the writers had put the characters where sex was the next logical step for all of them. And we all know what network TV thinks about sex. Which is no doubt why American Godz is on Starz which my cable system doesn’t even offer.

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