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James Charles Announced As CoverGirl’s First Male Spokesmodel


Apparently, the world changed even more while we went across the street to grab a tuna melt: CoverGirl just announced its first-ever male CoverGirl spokesmodel.

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If James Charles’ face looks familiar, it’s because his senior pictures went viral in September, for obvious reasons.


The photos were from a reshoot — he brought his own light ring the second time because he wasn’t digging the originals.

Now, as Cosmopolitan reports, the 17-year-old has this to brag about:

It was fellow CoverGirl spokesperson and left shark advocate Katy Perry who first made the announcement: “Honored to have the pleasure to announce the very first COVERBOY, James Charles!”

This isn’t just a lark, either. After premiering in the “So Lashy!” campaign for its latest mascara launch, Charles will be featured in an ongoing assortment of magazine ads and television spots.

He seems relatively excited:




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  • Manchester

    Those eyebrows are severe.

  • jdboston617

    I think it’s great. Good for you, James!

  • ChrisK

    Gurl!! Saying your excited to be the first male cover girl might be the most queeniest thing I’ve ever heard.


    The kind of vain, shallow, beauty industry-driven, exploitative, stereotypical narcissism is rightfully discouraged in girls — we regard such as girls as vapid airheads.we know they should aspire to better….and yet we see THIS as something worth celebrating?!?

  • GC1985

    Those eyebrows are an epic fail, and he’s smaller than Katy Perry. He is a stereotypical mess.

  • Alistair Wiseman

    And this is considered progress?

    No thank you, progressives.

  • CaliKyle

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: Beauty and fitness obsessed effeminate pretty boys are half (at least) the reason I and it get up every morning – there’ll be no discouraging them on my watch!

  • Brian

    These women’s magazines are incredibly stupid and so are the women who read them.

    Most of these rags are owned by men.

  • CaliKyle

    @Brian: Nothing wrong with magazines that dole out tips on beauty, sex and ways to keep one’s man happy and satisfied. The straight ladies and gay boys that read them aren’t stupid – they’re smart enough to try and up their romantic game. As for rags, quit sounding like you’re on one just because you don’t like people who are committed to keeping it cute and content.

  • Doughosier

    He’s very pretty but pretty doesn’t age well. Hope he saves his money and cultivates other interests other than his looks.

  • QJ201

    He looks ridiculous…. not 80’s punk glam boy makeup

  • Stilinski26

    Meh I prefer Bretman rock

  • Prax07

    Ugh…this is one reason people think all gay guys are really just fem nancy girls.

  • inbama

    Does anybody else think that by encouraging our gay youth to buy into extreme notions of LGBT identity, we need to take some responsibility for the loneliness and increased suicide rate that stems from such choices?

  • justgeo

    Targets are targets he is just an animal at the zoo. Will he be safe anywhere but an urban ‘game reserve’?

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