James Dobson Gets Representation Through Your Taxation

Sure, church and state may be constitutionally separate, but cultural connection’s alive and well. In fact, in recent years, there seems to be a revival. That said, it comes as no surprise that a Catholic Reverend by the name of Rev. Daniel P. Coughlin would use his website to promote Focus on The Family founder and notable homo-hater James Dobson‘s appearance at May 3rd’s National Day of Prayer.

It is a bit astounding to hear that your tax dollars pay for Coughlin’s website. You see, as Petrelis Files explains, Coughlin has the distinct honor of being the House of Representative’s exclusive chaplain. Thus, his technological expenses fall in their lap. And, consequently, yours.

We wonder what Coughlin and Dobson would say about being so close to your gay crotches. “Separation of church and state!” perhaps?

(Art from Ross Rodriguez.)