James Franco Awarded for Films Not Named Milk


There might have been Milk and Pineapple Express, but there was also The Wicker Man. And its for his career mistakes that James Franco was awarded the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year at Harvard, a ceremonial roast he attended that put him into a gold bra, eye patch, and one hand on a cow’s milk udder. Fantastic photos from the ceremony:

Franco took it all in good humor, as he stood on the stage between Pudding producers Pierce Tria and Charlotte Twaalfhoven. “I can’t believe you didn’t like Wicker Man,” he exclaimed, of the much-maligned remake with Nicolas Cage.

During the roast, the actor was also confronted by the traditional Hasty drag queens, a scythe-wielding character representing the death of his career and a gay cow whose udder he was asked to milk. (The Hasties snuck a comedic bar mitzvah in as well, with Twaalfhoven declaring “You’re a man now.”) He received his golden pudding pot wearing an eye patch, blonde wig, purple heels and a gold-spangled pineapple-shaped bra, representing his movie, “Pineapple Express.” “I’ve made it,” he said.

[Photos via the Boston Globe]