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James Franco Is The New Carrie Bradshaw; Golden Girls Bloopers Are Cheesecake-Worthy

The epic showdown between the top fashion houses of America and France that involved such iconic figures as Liza Minnelli, Josephine Baker and Princess Grace is chronicled in Versailles ’73, a fascinating doc that will air on Logo September 14. The trailer below will give you a taste of the treat you have in store.


Madonna did the French-speaking population of Montreal proud at the first stop of her Rebel Heart tour with an exceptional rendition of “La Vie en Rose.”

Based on this first teaser with the full cast (including vets Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett), Lady Gaga looks entirely capable of running American Horror Story: Hotel.


It’s a weekday that ends with the letter “y” so naturally James Franco has celebrated by posting a bizarro video mash-up of Sex and the City and Breaking Bad, in which he impersonates Carrie Bradshaw having sex with Walter White (also played by Franco). And, oh look, there’s Alicia Silverstone as Charlotte. OK, it’s just for the actor’s AOL series “Making a Scene with James Franco” but still…

Ahead of Logo’s 30-hour marathon of The Golden Girls episodes that will also features skits with RDR superstars Willam, Shangela, Pandora Boxx and Delta Work in drag as our favorite Miami-based cheesecake connoisseurs, check out this blooper reel that’s probably pretty accurate.