James Franco Kisses Sean Penn and Lives to Tell David Letterman About It

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Here’s your generation gap on full display as David Letterman asks James Franco about how weird it was to kiss Sean Penn for his role in Milk. Letterman is absolutely creeped the hell out by the idea of kissing a dude and can’t hide it:

“It had to be odd…If it’s me I’m kinda hoping maybe I do screw it up…Do you really want to be good at kissing a guy?…When you and Sean Penn are getting ready to kiss, do you talk about it? How drunk are you?”

The subtext to Letterman’s needling is all “Please confirm to me and my audience that kissing a dude was totally disgusting and that even though you did, you’re still a red-blooded American male.” Which might have been the right track for an Adam Sandler interview, but Franco, who recently directed a short student film at NYU about naked guys playing basketball, is all sorts of comfortable with his sexuality and does what any metrosexual post-straight guy does when another guy starts asking repeatedly over and over again what it’s like to kiss another guy: He offers a demonstration.

We can only imagine Letterman after the show, staring in his dressing room mirror, hand to the cheek where Franco planted his lips, thinking to himself, “Does this make me bisexual?”