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  • damendo

    Damned you Queerty! You didn’t get me with Fred Phelps…..but you did with James Franco! Wishful thinking I guess.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’ve read enough about him to know this was April Fools, but I was hoping there was more to the fake story, ala “Franco was caught in the embrace of another man……etc.”

  • dvlaries

    Yeah, okay, this one got me; I didn’t think you guys would do it twice.

  • Dionte

    Almost went the whole day without getting got, dang it, it’s James fault.

  • jwrappaport

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…ah…you can’t get fooled again.

  • [email protected]

    So why is it that so called straight people think it’s funny on April Fools day to say they are gay? Or is it us being fooled that they & they high school buddy or buddet know the real truth about there little secret? Something to think about. LoL

  • Adam

    reading it 2 days late had me almost believing it.

  • Niall

    @Adam: Haha, same here. I was like FINALLY!!!

  • Raquel Santiago

    I give it a year two tops before he blows the closet door wide open (as if he hasnt already)

  • Alan_RY

    Ouch! This one hurt my feelings. Still crossing my fingers..

  • Faggot

    @[email protected]: So true. Being gay is an oddity and something to laugh at or about. It’s not funny with James Franco or anyone else. What’s worse are all the gay guys accusing so-and-so of being a homo, just because they want him to be, but don’t even know the guy.

  • Bartz

    James Franco is one man that I would love to ride very, very very hard!

  • BlogShag

    What straight person jokes or claims they are gay when they are not? Seems a little suspicious. And he screams bisexual anyhow

  • Faggot

    @BlogShag: See comment n° 11 above.

  • 1sexyman

    Sucks! WTF

  • Captain Obvious

    That girl has bounced on some poles. She needs to stop lying. Whatever, Franco.

  • Texasbear

    @Raquel Santiago: I agree, why the interest in so many gay roles. Interior Leather Bar convinced me that he needs to just kick down the door. The more these stars stay in the closet, the longer it’d going to take to have nationwide equality.

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