“James Franco’s Cruising” Director Travis Mathews: “It’s Not A Remake”

I Want Your Love
director Travis Mathews tells Queerty there’s a short version of his new sexually explicit collaboration with James Franco, James Franco’s Cruising, that will be playing in a New York gallery, starting September 10 and running for a month.

“That’s more of the gallery art-film variety,” says Matthews. “There is a feature version that will do festivals beginning in 2013—I’m really excited about the feature. [It’s] not a remake—it’s more about us making this film, the reasons behind it and the journey of Val Lauren—the actor playing some version of Pacino character—over the course of a day on set. Like [the original] Cruising, it’s primarily a story told through his experience.

We’re not gonna lie: We’re dying to see this film!


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  • M

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see this.

  • mattsy

    LOOOOOVE the original


    We’re dying to see this film! that should be for HOMOS only! no fucking stright white Cristian mother fuckers.

  • streeteditions

    Franco the omnisexual strikes again!

  • Spike

    @KARUADAM: Just a suggestion, why live thru a movie, go out and experience it. All it takes is turning off your laptop and going out and meeting other guys, wherever you are comfortable, if it’s Cruising, go to Folsom St. Fair in SF or the BlackParty in NY . . . or live life thru a movie . . .

  • danny

    Hurray for Travis!

  • jmmartin

    Do they know what happened in the trimmed — you should pardon the expression — 40 minutes they channel from the mind of William Friedkin? Was this film made with the original director’s permission or encouragement? Your brief sketch of what the film is about is more than enough of a tease, though. Did they have Richard Cox in a senior role?

  • ibernard

    While I, too, am waiting with baited breath (and eyes) to see what James Franco and Travis Mathews have created, I’d like to state, for the record, that CRUISING, the DVD version which is out now, needs the CRITERION COLLECTION treatment. The audio is really terrible, and the film could be better in quality, remastered, perhaps. When I heard CRUISING was coming out on DVD, I was ecstatic! When I actually SAW the DVD, I was so disappointed. And I find it so ironic that William Friedkin also lensed: THE BOYS IN THE BAND, CRUISING, and, yes: THE EXORCIST. Now, if we could get a GREAT CRITERION COLLECTION VERSION of the movie CRUISING, I’d be thrilled.

    And my last point? For all the people who started calling HOSTEL and SAW et al “torture porn?” I wonder how many of them have seen CRUISING. I showed it to a college classroom of photography students, and they thought it was the goriest and scariest movie they’d see.

    And I remember walking Christopher Street “back in the day.” It really was a sub-sub-culture, all to itself.

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