“James Franco’s Cruising” Director Travis Mathews: “It’s Not A Remake”

I Want Your Love
director Travis Mathews tells Queerty there’s a short version of his new sexually explicit collaboration with James Franco, James Franco’s Cruising, that will be playing in a New York gallery, starting September 10 and running for a month.

“That’s more of the gallery art-film variety,” says Matthews. “There is a feature version that will do festivals beginning in 2013—I’m really excited about the feature. [It’s] not a remake—it’s more about us making this film, the reasons behind it and the journey of Val Lauren—the actor playing some version of Pacino character—over the course of a day on set. Like [the original] Cruising, it’s primarily a story told through his experience.

We’re not gonna lie: We’re dying to see this film!