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James Franco’s Murderous Gay Thriller “King Cobra” Finally Coming To A Screen Near You


IndieWire called King Cobra “possibly the best film ever made about the business end of America’s gay [adult film industry]” — and also described James Franco‘s character as “an an aging bottom with big ambition.”

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These are two reasons to get excited about IFC acquiring U.S. distribution rights to the the much-publicized true crime melodrama; a murderous tale of gays run amok. Surprisingly, it’s gotten rave reviews since premiering in April in the Midnight section of the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film revolves around the grisly 2007 murder of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis by two escorts, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, an aging bottom with big ambition. (Both were convicted and are currently serving life sentences.)

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To make matters more scandalous, Kocis had been involved with an underage lad named Sean Lockhart, who you’ll recognize by his professional name Brent Corrigan.

The real Brent Corrigan blasted Hollywood for bastardizing his life, saying producers “were insensitive right out of the gate in our interactions with them. They wanted me to come on board without even considering what dredging all that up was really asking of me.”

Joseph Kerekes, the real-life King Cobra killer and an aging bottom with big ambition, also railed against the film in an interview with NewsChannel3.

Speaking from a Pennsylvania state prison — where he’s serving a life sentence without the possibilty of parole for second degree murder — he said the movie got it wrong.

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“We did not do any of this because we were in debt,” he says. “We did this because we wanted more, and we thought we could get away with it.”

Watch a clip of James Franco and Keegan Allen “working up a sweat” in King Cobra here: