James Franco’s Resume Grows Longer With New Album, And It’s Surprisingly Good

daddy-x-wide-communityJames Franco has already checked off movie star, scholar, Broadway thespian, teacher, director, author, playwright, and Oscar host off his bucket list, so why stop there?

The almost annoyingly busy renaissance man is now coming out with an album, of course. The band is called Daddy, and in typical James Franco fashion, instead of pop beats and silly unrequited love stories, we get lyrics like, “The love life of the octopus, groping and grabbing.”

And even truer to form, there’s this heady explanation:

“[Daddy goes] beyond the ‘art of sampling’ into the act of appropriation. Not just appropriating a genre of music, but the moments it inhabits, and the characters that embody it.”

Franco, along with Daddy co-creator Tim O’Keefe, also enlisted the help of original Smiths bassist Andy Rourke for their Smiths-esque post-punk sound, and were audacious enough to release a debut single called “This Charming Man.”

Which would all be easy to shake your head at, except it’s actually quite good. Give a listen below: