Personal Jesus

James Frey Thinks the Messiah Would Be Bisexual

I set out to challenge conventional religious belief, and write a book about what I think the Messiah would actually be like if the Messiah were to appear; who that person would be, how they would live, what they would believe, how we would recognize them. At their core, every religion preaches a message of love. The physical expression of love is sex. If you love universally, you would express it with people of both genders, without discrimination. I personally support gay rights, and gay marriage. I think the reason the fight is still ongoing is because of bigoted religious institutions. I wanted to make a statement about those institutions’ hypocrisy, and make a statement against their policies.

–James Frey talked to Lambda Literary about his new (fictional) book, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible. The Oprah-pisser-offer also revealed the two gayest things he’s ever done: kissing a French boy and asking Josh Kilmer-Purcell to be his daughter’s godfather.