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James Jordan blasted for homophobic “soft boys” remark at Austin Armacost on “Celebrity Big Brother”

Austin Armacost Celebrity Big Brother

Model Austin Armacost recently went back into the “Celebrity Big Brother” house and immediately faced homophobia, with fellow housemate Stacy Francis calling him “the gay boy” during a discussion about sleeping arrangements.

Now dancer James Jordan has gone after Armacost with a comment seeming to target his sexual orientation, in an argument that began after Armacost and Nicola McLean poured water on Jordan’s bed. Armacost further escalated the situation by taking his index finger and poking at Jordan’s butt, as well as giving him a kick.

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Jordan then told Armacost that he didn’t want to have to hurt him.

“You’re not going to hurt anybody,” Armacost answered back.

“If you start playing with the rough boys you’re gonna get hurt. You’re used to playing with little soft boys, don’t play with real boys,” Jordan said.

“Yeah because the dancer’s the rough boy,” Armacost said, laughing.

“Two days, mate, you’ll walk, quitter!” Jordan taunted.

“You f**king bell-end, d**k-head, d**k-cheese, f**king c**t, gutter-rat, twat,” Armacost spat back.

“Oh, let’s all feel sorry for Austin cause he’s going through a much harder time than the rest of us,” Jordan responded.

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“You miss your boyfriend, f**cking boo-hoo, you’ll probably have another boyfriend next year.”

You can watch video of the argument here.

A number of people on Twitter are reacting by calling Jordan’s reaction to Armacost’s pranks homophobic.

Others are coming to Jordan’s defense.

Armacost said he is “ready to go home,” claiming to miss his boyfriend too much after being away from him for six days.

He recently said he is “like a nun in bed,” and that he is a “very asexual” person.

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What do you think, was Jordan being homophobic in his remarks to Armacost?