James McGreevey To Appear On ‘Oprah’

McGreevey Oprah

We are looking forward to some sparks when former NJ Governor James McGreevey appears on Oprah to push his new book. Hopefully Oprah will ask some hard hitting questions such as ““Why did you have to lie about that?” and then maybe bring in some “experts” to crucify McGreevey about hiding the truth from Oprah and all of her viewers. You can’t hide the truth from Oprah, and if you do she may become “really embarassed” and bring the wrath of her entire studio audience down upon you. Our prayers are with you, Jim.

McGreevey to appear on ‘Oprah’ [Washington Blade]
James Frey on Oprah: Live-Blogging the Live Feed [Gawker]

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  • noah

    Don’t you think you’re being hard on Oprah? McGreevey isn’t so innocent; he hired his unqualified lover for state job. Had McGreevey not been corrupt, he wouldn’t have been exposed.

  • PS

    Although I sympathize with his plight, he has brought an incredible amount of anguish upon others, including his family, employees and the taxpayers of New Jersey. Why should he profit from all this? It is truly shameful

  • AJ

    I’d like to hear, “Why did you lie to your 2 wives? You could have just not gotten married at all so they wouldn’t have been hurt or involved. Why did you cheat on your wives? You could have chosen to be monogamous since you chose to lead a str8 life, but you chose to cheat and lie to them. Some gay men and women live monogamous lives with opposite sex spouses.” I just hope they found the Straight Spouse Network http://www.straightspouse.org like I did 6 years ago. I don’t care that he’s gay, I care about my ex and he’s gay. I do care that he could have (and may have and we don’t know) given his wives STDs because of his exploits. If he was a good governor that’s what mattered in the political fray. Unfortunately what will be remembered is him giving his sex partner (did he have feelings for him? If not I don’t consider him a lover) political favors.

  • Mare

    It’s OK to be gay. It is NOT OK to pretend to be straight, get married, have children and lie to your wife and kids. Jim McGreevey is morally corrupt. With this book, I suppose he expects the support of the gay community now. He would still be pretending to be straight had he not been OUTED by the threat of a lawsuit by his former lover. He is incapable of honesty. He’s just looking for sympathy, which he doesn’t deserve. After a lifetime of deceit, he needs to do some serious soulsearching before he will be ready to tell the truth. He may think he’s authentic now, but he’s not. It takes more than just saying “I’m a gay American.” He also has to say, “I’m a lying, cheating SOB” and own that before he can claim to be authentic.

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