James St. James Back In The Writer’s Seat

James St. James‘ last novel, Disco Bloodbath, chronicles Michael Alig‘s real life descent into madness, ending with the hacked up body of the really dead drug deal, Angel Melendez.

Capturing the glitz, glam and gore of 1990’s New York, Disco Bloodbath killed the competition, becoming a classic and finding new life in the 2003 flick, Party Monster, starring Seth Green as the incarcerated and single Alig, whileMacaulay Culkin appeared as St. James. Now, St. James makes a triumphant return with a less blood-curdling tale, Freak Show.

Like Disco Bloodbath, Freak show draws on St. James’ own experience. No murder here, however. The young adult title chronicles a gay teen’s coming of age. St. James celebrates the book’s publication by having a little sit down with AfterElton’s Steven Frank. In addition to offering his opinion of Paris Hilton (she should go to jail), Disco Bloodbath (it changed his life, obviously) and his next project (another teen book), St. James shares a bit of first day of school embarrassment:

…I had just seen Auntie Mame and I thought I was Rosalind Russell, and I went to a new school and I burst through the door going, “Darling!” And everybody just looked at me with their mouths hanging open.

I realized in those first 30 second of class I’d effectively doomed my entire high school career… I was the weird little drag queen at school.

They grow up so fast…