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James Van Der Beek Confronts Homophobia On Home Shopping Network

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 8.25.01 AMWith a handsome mug like that James Van Der Beek can’t seem to escape the gays anywhere he goes — even when hawking dishes, football phones and Bible-reading glasses with cohost True Blood star Anna Camp on the Indiana Home Shopping Network. The two are confronted by gay and lesbian callers as they attempt to sell their goods to more desirable shoppers, so they try to explain themselves.

“Here in Indiana, we have a religious freedom law,” Van Der Beek explains to viewers. “Which means we don’t have to serve anyone who threatens our religion.”

Camp weighs in, asking, “I mean, can you imagine a world in which a gay couple asks you to make a cake, and then you actually have to sit down and make it?”

Van Der Beek piles on, wondering “What’s next — I’ll leave my wife Cindy and then go shack up with Don in a post-modern house in Palm Springs?”

Oh, James, we can totally picture you in nothing but a jockstrap lounging next to a pool with an Appletini.

Still, there are so many liberals calling in and ruining things. Check it out below.