James’ Wife Left Him For A Woman, So He Killed His Wife And Two Daughters

James Kraig Kahler allegedly wanted to have a threesome with his wife Karen and her co-worker Sunny Reese. In fact, he initially liked both women so much that he once gave them roses and told them that he didn’t mind if they began a sexual relationship together. But as Sunny learned more about Karen’s narcissistic, verbally abusive husband, she fell more and more in love with Karen and wanted to protect her. Karen eventually left James for Sunny and this is where things turned very very bad.

James says he began experiencing hallucinations and an inability to function at work until his job eventually fired him. Then, several months later, he allegedly entered his mother-in-law’s home he proceeded to shoot her, his wife, and their two daughters; his 12-year-old son fled into the night. Now James is on trial for capital murder—love triangles ain’t easy.

So the next time you consider a threesome, just make sure the third person isn’t a complete psychopath.

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  • slanty

    Psychopaths are rarely psychotic, i.e. they don’t usually have a break with reality. They’re perfectly sane in the sense that they know what they’re doing when they carry out a crime like murder in cold blood. I don’t believe that James had any hallucinatory experience, and I hope the prosecution can drive this home.

  • Jeffrey

    I wonder what happened to the son who ran away. Is he safe now?

  • Mike in Asheville

    Wow, Queerty and Daniel, you think its funny to make such lighthearted snarky retorts about this terrible story and the cold blooded murdering of 5 human beings, including two children? Yikes.

  • Jeffrey

    @Mike in Asheville: 4 human beings. The mother-in-law, his wife, and the two teenage daughters. Presumably he would have killed his son too, anyone who was in the house.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Jeffrey: Oops, I included the girl friend. At least she survived.

  • Andy

    I don’t think mother-in-laws count as human beings. So we’re down to three. See, not so bad?

  • Lisa

    Baaaad father he should stay in jail 100 years

  • inoits2

    A threesome is the death knell of any relationship. I have never seen one that doesn’t end badly and they are always toward the end of a relationship and often suggested by the most aggressive partner. There is too much emotional imbalance to maintain such a relationship.

  • Ted Erlich

    Dan Villarreal, you are truly a sick person. This was an act of homicidal domestic violence and you treat it like a joke. And you don’t hold the murderer fully and exclusively responsible, but instead blame the “threesome” that these people had at the murderer’s request.

    This of course is on top of your prior work claiming that gays want to indoctrinate young students, a piece which is now being circulated globally among anti-gay forces and which may well form the basis of further persecution in countries like Ghana and Uganda.

    Why are you still employed?

  • K

    @Jeffrey: The son is safe and now lives with relatives of Karen Kahler, I believe.

    I’m glad a verdict was reached. One of the victims was a good friend of mine. This scum should be left to rot in prison for the rest of his life for murdering my best friend and her relatives.

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