James’ Wife Left Him For A Woman, So He Killed His Wife And Two Daughters

James Kraig Kahler allegedly wanted to have a threesome with his wife Karen and her co-worker Sunny Reese. In fact, he initially liked both women so much that he once gave them roses and told them that he didn’t mind if they began a sexual relationship together. But as Sunny learned more about Karen’s narcissistic, verbally abusive husband, she fell more and more in love with Karen and wanted to protect her. Karen eventually left James for Sunny and this is where things turned very very bad.

James says he began experiencing hallucinations and an inability to function at work until his job eventually fired him. Then, several months later, he allegedly entered his mother-in-law’s home he proceeded to shoot her, his wife, and their two daughters; his 12-year-old son fled into the night. Now James is on trial for capital murder—love triangles ain’t easy.

So the next time you consider a threesome, just make sure the third person isn’t a complete psychopath.