Jamey Rodemeyer’s School Finally Suspends The Kids Who Tormented Him To Death

In September, gay 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer killed himself. One month later, the police decided not to press criminal charges against his bullies. But this month, Rodemeyer’s high school has at least suspended some of them after reading what shits they were to Jamey in the police report.

Though the school wouldn’t say just how many students they suspended, here’s some of the delightful antics they inflicted on Rodemeyer before his suicide:

* A witness said one female classmate who had known Jamey since middle school told Jamey something along the lines of, “Faggot, why don’t you just kill yourself?”

* In a separate incident, the same student later told Jamey something like, “You’re a faggot” (and reportedly told a friend of Jamey’s sister that she was glad Jamey was dead after his suicide).

* Another identified student pushed Jamey as he passed him in the hallway and called him a fag.

* Yet another identified student made “an inappropriate comment” to Jamey regarding his sexual orientation, Askey said.

* Jamey had previously reported in his blog that a group of North classmates had spit on a plate of brownies and given them to him in the cafeteria (though investigators found no witnesses).

We imagine some of these kids are among the ones who also happily mocked his suicide at a school dance. They will likely join their school’s Young Republicans group sometime in the near future.

Sadly, it is against the law to publicly flog these hate-gremlins in the town square or to expel them outright (something to do with them being “kids” or some crap). However, all of the miserable little jerks will get suspensions of anywhere from five days to much longer depending on a an upcoming hearing.

Via Towleroad