Jamiacans Respond: ‘Who are they to be imposing their beliefs?’


On the heels of Boycott Jamiaca’s Rum Dump protest at the Stonewall Inn comes these responses from Jamaicans:

• “Who are they to be imposing their beliefs on us and boycotting Jamaican products? … How is that going to change how people in Jamaica view homosexuality? Isn’t there homophobic people in the US so why not attack ‘Made in the USA?'” —Jamaican ex-pat and Washington D.C. resident Ann Walters

• “There are conservative Christian groups in the U.S. who are very anti-homosexuality and anti-gay so why aren’t they going up against them? … It’s because those groups have a strong lobbying and can’t be pushed around so they’re coming after the weakness of the Jamaicans, which is we don’t have a strong lobby to push back and raise awareness. … How dare they try to castigate an entire island because of their lifestyle? It’s a shame that they want respect but can’t respect our laws.” —Music writer and TSO Productions chief Sharon Gordon

• “This kind of contemptuous behavior is unacceptable … we have to say enough is enough. They seem to have made it a crusade to destroy our country. I think it’s time for a few of us to come together and organize a Caribbean anti-defamation movement to push back against this in a very strategic and surgical manner.” —Magazine publisher Carlyle McKetty

Interestingly, Gordon and McKetty (pictured) have a history of being quoted together.