Jamie Dornan’s Taking Over the World

What’s really funny about today’s New York Times piece on Jamie Dornan is that just last night we were recalling his photoshoot in Out Magazine and how it seems that Dornan’s the next Mark Vanderloo (only, we hope, with more of a career). It seems you can’t open a magazine, turn on the telly or (now) read the newspaper without seeing this exceptional beauty. And, from what we gather from the article, he’s only going up.

Of course, Dornan’s absolutely flabbergasted by all the attention. Why? Well, like so many attractives, Dornan’s a bit shy admitting he thinks he’s worth all the gawking. Chatting with Guy Trebay, he insists, “I don’t consider myself good looking.” To this, we say: “bullshit”.

The aesthetically blessed always know they’re fetching. Unless they’re blind and/or competely braindead, an attractive must notice the lingering glances, the turning heads and gaping mouths. And, to top it off, Dornan’s a model! People don’t want to take pictures of uglies. They don’t want to put some monster in a Calvin Klein ad with Kate Moss. Keira Knightley wouldn’t even dream of kissing some vile troll. And they certainly don’t want to plaster a revolting mug on a gay magazine. No, Dornan’s just saying that to make himself more endearing.

Don’t worry, Dornan, even if you went on to become the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world (which would really be quite a feat, considering some of the nasty killers we’ve seen in history), we’ll always love you. Unless, of course, you actually do become a psycho killer. We won’t like you then, but we’ll probably still think you’re attractive. We’d probably even still have sex with you.

(Oh, and the picture above’s from the Out Magazine shoot. You can experience the wonder of our coverage by clicking here. If you care to know what the mag had to say about Dornan, well, you can click here.)