Jamie Raskin takes Lauren Boebert to the library while calling her out on her latest bullsh*t

Rep. Jamie Raskin and Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Jamie Raskin and Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: US Gov)

Now that Republicans control the House, Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin is having to hear a lot more from anti-LGBTQ, anti-common sense GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert. The two lawmakers both sit on the House Oversight Committee.

During a hearing yesterday, Boebert kicked off about China, and Trump’s handling of the pandemic. She began by accusing the US “federal government” of “colluding to cover up what China released … we want a government to put out truthful information.”

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The first to respond was Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL). He reminded Boebert, “COVID did not start under the Biden administration. It was Donald Trump who closed businesses … closed schools … mandated masks … When we bring up COVID, we seem to have amnesia.”

Boebert responded, “You’re right. President Trump was in office when the COVID virus was released from a lab in China. And he tried to make that very clear that this came from China, and reporters regularly dismissed that.”

That’s when Rep. Raskin (D-MD) decided he’d heard enough.

Raskin sought to remind Boebert of two facts.

“One is that Donald Trump on more than 20 different occasions defended the performance of the Chinese government, and specifically President Xi in terms of his treatment of COVID-19 and said he was doing a wonderful job and a great job,” he said.

“So if there’s a problem with the Chinese government unleashing the virus, which has not been proven anywhere,” he added, “but it certainly could be true, you would have to pin that on your favorite President, Donald Trump. Not on Joe Biden.”

“I’m sure you’ve read her book…”

Raskin continued, “The second thing is President Trump’s own special advisor on COVID-19, Deborah Birx… and I’m sure you’ve read her book, said that the lethal recklessness of Donald Trump’s policies about Covid-19 cost Americans hundreds of thousands of lives.”

“You don’t have to believe anybody on the Democratic side of the aisle. That’s Donald Trump’s own special advisor on COVID-19.”

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Raskin, who is currently wearing headscarves while undergoing chemotherapy, impressed many online with his takedown of Boebert.​​

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