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Jan + Marcia Brady Still Feuding Over That Faux Lesbian Love Affair

Jan and Marcia Brady are not friends in real life, and if you believe the gossips, it’s because actress Maureen McCormick alleged in her 2007 auto-biography she and Eve Plumb were getting it on off-camera. And since they still haven’t mended things, a Brady Brunch reunion planned for this week was killed.

“All of the actors who played the Brady kids were scheduled to do an interview on Wednesday on one of the network morning shows,” reports RadarOnline. “But when Maureen and Eve found out they were going to be on the same show, things quickly fell apart.”

Though something doesn’t sound right. If the entire cast was involved in a reunion for morning television, implicit in signing on to the project would be knowing that both Jan and Marcia would be there. Sounds like someone’s appearance fee just went up.

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