Jane Fonda has even more words for Megyn Kelly

Jane Fonda speaking to Access Hollywood Canada

It’s been a rough week for Megyn Kelly.

The former FOX News host kicked off her new NBC morning show, which aired Monday, by saying that she’s always “dreamed of hosting an uplifting show.” Unfortunately for her, nobody seems to find the show all that “uplifting” or buying into its forced feel-goodery.

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Kelly managed to majorly mess up not once, but twice in the first few days at her new job. On Tuesday, she stupidly asked an audience member if Will & Grace “turned him gay,” leading Debra Messing to tweet she “regretted” appearing on the show. Then yesterday, she royally pissed off Jane Fonda by asking the Hollywood legend about all the plastic surgery she’s had.

In case you missed it:

Speaking to Access Hollywood Canada afterwards, Fonda, who is currently promoting her new film Our Souls at Night co-starring Robert Redford, admitted that she was “a little bit” shocked by Kelly’s question.

“Given the fact that we don’t have a lot of time and Bob is right here, it’s a weird thing to bring up–whether I’ve had plastic surgery or not,” Fonda said. “I have and I’ve talked about it. Seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question.”

When he was asked about the awkward moment, Redford stood up for his co-star.

“I think Jane didn’t want to go there,” he said. “I think she didn’t want to have the show turn into about her, her surgery, or her look.”

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In other Megyn Kelly news, her show’s ratings are tanking. The debut pulled in a respectable 2.9 million viewers, which is really not bad. But by the end of the week, it had lost nearly 1 million of those viewers, and attracted a whole lot of bad press along the way.

Then there are the tweets, which have been brutal.

Check out what people are saying about Kelly’s first week as a morning show host…

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  • batesmotel

    The irony is that the gossip media is obsessed with people’s looks and what work they’ve had done. So let’s not be hypocrites here.

    • smartguyd

      Yes but in real interviews we generally expect the host not to bring up gossip or tabloid nonsense. If Oprah went on the View and they pulled out The National Enquirer and asked if she really is in a secret lesbian marriage with Hillary Clinton we would all be like wtf

  • BriBri

    Jane Fonda should have been hung for treason 49 years ago!

    • prarie pup

      Give it a rest, time warp. All that Hanoi Jane stuff is 50 years old; half the population doesn’t remember and the other half don’t care.

    • heath0043

      Enough with the 50 year past. It doesn’t matter. There are current people that are doing far worse and being praised for it.

    • davidjohng

      49 years ago would be 1968. Jane went to Viet Nam in 1972 for that infamous photo…45 years ago. So you would have hung her for merely protesting the Viet Nam war up till then? I lived through that era and over half the country was either passively against the war or actively protesting it.

    • stevetalbert

      Jane Fonda should have been given a Presidential Medal of Freedom for what she did during the wrong, misguided, and tragically unamerican vietnam fiasco.

    • Esscourt

      Everyone was against the Vietnam War at that time. Move on with your life, Father/Mother Time.

    • whatsaywhat

      LOL BriBri is a Russian troll triggered by an old lady.

    • He BGB

      I commented on this on a non gay site and got the same thing when I said she’s almost 80 years old and Meghan was disrespectful. Hanoi jane crap. She had apologized hundreds of times it was over 50 years ago, her mother committed suicide for Christ’s sake and her father was a cold tater. Screwed up in the head but has blossomed and grown out of that confused militant girl. Besides we should never have been in that Asian jungle. What did the Viet Cong ever do to us before we went over there? American politicians and their empirical desire to make all countries like ours whether it’s realistic or not

  • Bradsman

    I want to hear what she’s had done!

  • asby

    NBC gave her a truck load of money without realizing no one really cared about Megyn…. So now they are stuck with her and trying to do anything they can with her..

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Maybe after this show tanks, NBC can shoe-horn her into the CAST of “Will & Grace”! Two birds, one stone. She could play herself as one of Karen’s friends.

    • ProfessorMoriarty

      Mid-season? I don’t think it will take that long.

  • He BGB

    Billie Holiday once said, after her stint in jail for drugs and couldn’t get her cabaret license, that people just went to her shows now just to see if she was high. I think this is probably true with Meghan’s show only people want to see what rude awkward question she will embarrass herself or her guest with next. And does she do her own hair? It just hangs there, no style. Years from now, looking back, she will regret that! Haha.

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