Jane Fonda has even more words for Megyn Kelly

Jane Fonda speaking to Access Hollywood Canada

It’s been a rough week for Megyn Kelly.

The former FOX News host kicked off her new NBC morning show, which aired Monday, by saying that she’s always “dreamed of hosting an uplifting show.” Unfortunately for her, nobody seems to find the show all that “uplifting” or buying into its forced feel-goodery.

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Kelly managed to majorly mess up not once, but twice in the first few days at her new job. On Tuesday, she stupidly asked an audience member if Will & Grace “turned him gay,” leading Debra Messing to tweet she “regretted” appearing on the show. Then yesterday, she royally pissed off Jane Fonda by asking the Hollywood legend about all the plastic surgery she’s had.

In case you missed it:

Speaking to Access Hollywood Canada afterwards, Fonda, who is currently promoting her new film Our Souls at Night co-starring Robert Redford, admitted that she was “a little bit” shocked by Kelly’s question.

“Given the fact that we don’t have a lot of time and Bob is right here, it’s a weird thing to bring up–whether I’ve had plastic surgery or not,” Fonda said. “I have and I’ve talked about it. Seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question.”

When he was asked about the awkward moment, Redford stood up for his co-star.

“I think Jane didn’t want to go there,” he said. “I think she didn’t want to have the show turn into about her, her surgery, or her look.”

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In other Megyn Kelly news, her show’s ratings are tanking. The debut pulled in a respectable 2.9 million viewers, which is really not bad. But by the end of the week, it had lost nearly 1 million of those viewers, and attracted a whole lot of bad press along the way.

Then there are the tweets, which have been brutal.

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