Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin Reunite for New Gay-Themed Netflix Series

imagesIt seems as though once a year, Netflix reminds us why we remain subscribed, despite the unavailability of 90 percent of the movies that we actually want to see. Last year, it was Arrested Development. And this year, it’s Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin teaming up for a new show from one of the creators of Friends. OKAY!

The show’s called Grace and Frankie, and stars the ladies as the wives of two men who have just announced that they’re in love with each other. In someone else’s hands, this would have us groaning: the potential for homophobic jokes is huge. But Tomlin’s family, and Fonda is a heroine. She’s Barbarella for heaven’s sake, so we have complete confidence.

nine-to-fiveNaturally, the show charts their evolution as friends, two post-menopausal women who lean on each other for support like a new Golden Girls. We’ll get thirteen episodes for the first season. Here’s hoping there’s at least one reference to Nine to Five. Dolly Parton guest starring, perhaps?

Marta Kauffman (of Friends, Dream On, and the lesser-loved Powers that Be) is the creator, along with Howard J. Morris, whose credits include According to Jim, oh dear, and Home Improvement, oh no. Well, maybe he’ll have a defter touch with this series.