Jane Fonda Says C-Word on ‘Today,’ Universe Shudders

What is the world coming to?! Last month Diane Keaton rocked America to its core by saying “fuck” on Good Morning America. Now Jane Fonda – that liberated woman! – had the gall, nerve and balls to say “cunt” on The Today Show. Incredible!

Don’t worry, though, Meredith Vieira apologized to the flabbergasted audience, at least half of whom are still recovering in local hospitals.

Thanks to Jeremy Hooper for this wickedly cuntastic remix!

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  • abelincoln

    America – get over it. Read the Canterbury Tales.

  • tinyyyyyyyy

    We are truly living in the realm of the most absurd.

  • todd

    American blue-hairs have ruined this nation. Go suck a lemon WASP freaks!

  • Jack Jett

    Jane Fonda and the word cunt are awesome. It is nice to see them together.

  • Amber LeMay

    That play that Jane was asked to be in is NOT my life’s story…

  • Ash

    Thanks for clarifying, Amber.

  • M Shane

    Not just Grey hairs, A strange political correctness of language seems to go hand in hand with Amerikas whithered morals in every respect of Civility.
    I thought that Jane had become a new born jesus freak . After her foray related to the crimes in Vienam she has barey said a word about what is equaly as horrible and pointless a war plus every thing else. Which makes her kind of a quixotic goof off of sorts, not to be taken seriously; I watched some films of her in vietnam not long ago and she was jumping around and laying under tanks and whatnot.

  • GranDiva

    ummm, M Shane, WTF?

    For the record, M Shane, she was talking about a very specific Vagina Monologue specifically about women reclaiming the word cunt, and how she didn’t want to do that particular monologue.

  • C.J. York

    …she said cunt.


  • sugarsmack

    I only wish she’d blurted it out, laughing loudly, so that it would make an awesome soundbite. I didn’t even notice it when it was originally aired.

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