Jane Lynch to Marry Girlfriend Lara Embry In May (No Track Suits Allowed)

An early congratulations to Glee‘s Jane Lynch, who’s set to marry psychologist girlfriend Dr. Lara Embry in a May ceremony. The two were spotted together most recently at the Golden Globes (Lynch was nominated), smoochin‘.

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  • B Damion

    She funny lady. I’m so happy for them. I wish them all the best.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Jane Lynch is the funniest woman on television! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Her!

    And that’s how Sue C’s it!

  • scott ny'er

    what? she’s a lesbian?

  • Alexa


  • Lukas P.

    [ROSIE O’Donnell was NOT HARMED during the creation of this post]

    Congrats go out to Jane and Lara!

    Other than being pi$sed off the wedding invitation hasn’t arrived yet, I’m delighted this news hits during the
    “PropH8” media frenzy, because gay marriage is on the minds and in the sermons of people all over this land.
    How could anyone want to oppose Jane getting hitched?

    Jane’s role on Glee, turn as a shrink on “Two & a Half Men” and as a “Best of show” dog trainer, etc. are all classics. She can work more meaning into one raised eyebrow, as an actor, than many thespians can muster with two pages of script, three props, and a sound effect.

    Dr Embry, it turns out, has her own claim to fame, She was involved in a famous custody battle whilst partnered with another woman a while ago.{ Google away, mates.}

    She isn’t afraid of the limelight, nor a stranger to controversy, and no doubt savvy. I hope to see them smooch at the next redcarpet event telecast.

    I look forward to the Twitter feed on the Honeymoon! Come back to Chicago Jane and Lara, and we’ll treat you to dinner at Spiaggia! [taxes, gratuities, post-prandial beverages, items imported from Cuba and foie gras products are NOT included in this offer]

  • Ian

    Not so much into Glee, but LOVED her as the psychiatrist character on 2 & 1/2 Men!

  • MissGluteusMaximus

    Ha, she has more ovaries than Anderson Cooper, Shep Smith, A.J. Hammer and all the closeted males in show-biz!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Love GLEE, Love JANE LYNCH! I Love her SO MUCH I want to MARRY HER!
    To her Girlfriend!

    That’s How Sue C’s It!

    BTW – Have some of y’all sold your TVs to pay the rent? You can catch up on the internet unless you have dial-up service. That sucks!

  • Anne

    She’s awesome and I love her on Glee. Congratulations to both!

  • romeo

    Her character in “Best of Show” was priceless. I’ve seen her around town, and she seems like a very nice person. Not full of herself at all like a lot of the clowns around here. My congrats to her and her partner. But where are they going to be married? Are they going to Massachusetts or something?

  • Sydney

    Great, talented lady. I wish her much happiness.

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