Teenage Alcoholism And A Series Of Accidents Lead Jane Lynch To Her Career

On September 13th, Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch will release her memoir Happy Accidents that covers her teenage alcoholism and the many chance occurrences that helped go from her role in Christopher Guest’s Best of Show to the villainous coach in Glee. Let’s take a small peek at what’s beyond this book’s cover.

Here’s a small excerpt:

I’m a navel gazer so I’ve been investigating my feelings and my motivations for a long time. But I never stepped outside of myself and looked at the trajectory of my life thus far. So much has happened to me in one year’s time – I got married, I’m on a television show, I’m rebuilding my house, I’m bringing my wife and new child out here. I started to reflect a bit and I saw how much I suffered as a kid over feeling alienated and different and less than. As I was putting together the story of my life, I really wished I could go back in time and talk to that kid and say, “Just relax, it’s going to be fine, and trust in your life.” [Tears up] I’m going to cry, it’s amazing. As long as you stay open and you are uber-prepared. It’s not like the world is going to roll in at your feet. You really have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your passion and exactly where you want to be, but have faith in it. I was just so afraid that the parade would pass me by, and it was needless worry.

Lynch got her bachelor’s degree in theatre from Illinois State University, her MFA in theatre from Cornell University, and spent fifteen years in Chicago, acting in the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and acting as one of two women picked to join The Second City comedy troupe. It’s comforting that despite all that, she says that she didn’t really start to get her life together until age 31 when she quit alcohol, came out to her mom, and really embraced her career.

That’s great and all, but will we get any behind the scenes Glee gossip?