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Janelle Monae on coming out: “There’s so much power in not labelling yourself”

 Janelle Monae in a tux

“I think there’s so much power in not labelling yourself. That said, there’s also power in saying, ‘This is how I identify’, and having community with the folks you identify with.

Everyone is on a journey of self-discovery, and those of us who may not understand others’ journeys should be more empathetic and tolerant and supportive.

A big thing for me is just being patient with myself, and not allowing myself to make decisions based in fear, or a fear of people not understanding me–and it’s hard.

You go through experiences where you feel fearful, and you end up being depressed, or having anxiety, and not taking care of you. But that fear should not get in the way of how you love or who you love.”Janelle Monae speaking to Them magazine about coming out.

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