Janet Hearts Ellen

Janet Jackson talked all sort of gay with gossip monger Marc Malkin. In addition to voicing her support for gay marriage, lauding drag impersonators and “owning” her legend label, the singer shows lesbian Ellen DeGeneres loads of love:

MM: I actually think Ellen may have a little crush on you. You two had a great rapport when you were on her show.

JJ: I absolutely adore here. She’s smart. She’s funny. She’s fun to be around. I really enjoy her. She’s very talented.

MM: It’s kind of amazing that when Ellen came out of the closet her sitcom was canceled, but now she’s back on top–one of our biggest stars.

JJ: I’m so happy she did do that, because someone had to take that stance…For her to be so courageous and something came out of it much bigger and much better and really positive. It was a shame that they canceled her show once she did that. That’s ridiculous…

Jackson can give Ellen more love on Saturday, when the comedienne will present Jackson with GLAAD’s Vanguard Award.

We’ve included video of Jackson’s appearance on Ellen’s show after the jump. C’mon! You don’t want to work, do you?!