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Janice Crouse Spreads Dangerous Lies That Should Make You “Concerned”

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Where to begin, really?

Our Douche of the Week, Janice Crouse, has held many titles and positions of influence—from a speech writer for President Bush the First to a columnist for UPI—and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank for the so-called Concerned Women for America.

The CWA, by the way, was founded by LaHaye in 1979 as a response to those dangerous bra burners in the National Organization for Women. They oppose abortion, stem-cell research, pornography and HPV vaccinations; believe homosexual sex should be illegal and that most gay bias crimes are fabricated; and have asked for a federal investigation into these allegedly false reports.

Earlier this week we exposed the twisted logic Crouse used in discussing statistics about the LGBT community:


But that’s not the first time she’s been involved in dangerous rhetoric: Crouse verbally attacked gynecologist Dr. George Tiller just two months before he was assassinated in the foyer of his church. In a radio interview she says that Uganda (you know, the country debating a “Kill the Gays” bill) has been “very loving but very firm in saying that homosexuality has been condemned in the Bible.” Crouse also suggests that homosexuality in Uganda is the “worst kind of colonialism,” albeit without mentioning that it was colonialism that brought Christianity to Uganda in the first place.

Concerning President Obama appointing Ellen Degeneres to be the face of a new public AIDS campaign, Crouse said:

She is openly lesbian and obviously is an activist on the issue of homosexual rights and has taken a very active role in pushing the homosexual agenda. So for her to be the person who’s out front and the face of the Obama administration in the whole fight against AIDS I think is inappropriate.

Words lead to actions—and there’s something very harmful about the lies Janice Crouse spreads. Her douchebaggery goes beyond simple-minded idiocy and takes a sinister, almost criminal edge. We’d call her a witch, but seeing as though it’s not the late 1600s, we’ll simply point and dramatically yell,”What a douche!”

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