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Janis Fullilove, Memphis Hero Attacked By Dead Cats

In exchange for her support of a bill banning discrimination against gays in Memphis’ city government, Councilwoman Janis Fullilove has received death threats by phone and a dead cat on her lawn.

Not that she’s backing down. In fact, Fullilove — whose name, in my head, is pronounced “full of love” — is using the intimidation to point out why the city needs this law: “If a city councilwoman — a prominent person in city government — can experience this kind of threat and intimidation, what about the individual employees who work for the city who may be work for sanitation, or police or fire?”

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  • Hotone2me

    It is awesome to see such progression taking place in the south!! YOu go girl!!!

  • @ Get Equal 'Why the h8 on Obamz but not the Repubs who ALWAYS vote against you? (John from England)

    Great woman indeed!

  • reason

    That progression has been there for awhile at least with just about every southern black caucus member on the federal level. I would expect to find a lot of those trends in lower level government positions. Although the lawmakers are progressive the constituents generally are not as progressive on GBLT rights but there is some headway. The more worrying thing in the south is the younger generations attitudes on GBLT is light years behind some of the more liberal areas around the country.

  • J.J

    @reason: The reason for that is those kids are simply brain washed. I too have encountered nieve youngin’ LGBT from the South, most who will preach the same ideology as a homophobe “being gay can cause Aids.” …”I hate when people have Pride parades” …”I’d never hold my boyfriends hand in public.”…”Gay marriage is whatever to me. I don’t care” yet they say they’re gay. Why? because that’s all they know. Those homophobic sayings and outlook is what they’ve been fed all their lives, and the scary, sad, disturbing thing about the South is..not until you get out and appreciate the diversity of the world around you can you be free thinking on your own brain cells.

  • MaybeTruth

    I don’t know if you can blame the south. Some of the most recent violent assaults on gays by Black youth have been in the NYC area.

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