The Queerty Interview

Jared Leto Says Playing A Transgender Character Changed And Inspired Him

jared LSo I take it you lived as Rayon even before filming began.

I started living as her as soon as possible. I was always trying it out. One of the great things about staying in character is you get to experiment all the time.

Your director and costars said you stayed in character throughout the shoot and they didn’t actually meet Jared Leto until the film premiered. Why was it necessary to commit to this character so thoroughly?

It was necessary to commit because of what was at stake. I wanted to deliver the best possible performance. In order to do that I needed to commit in a really severe way. I was doing what I had to do.

Did you miss Rayon when filming ended?

Yes, there’s a lot I loved about her. She was a beautiful soul with a big heart, who just wanted to love and be loved. She was funny and charming and full of levity and grace and generous. I liked her a lot.

I believe Dallas Buyers Club has potential to bring discussion of the AIDS epidemic back to the forefront again.

I think it will add to the conversation, which is a good thing. I think people who have been affected by AIDS will appreciate this film and the conversation that it continues. I think film can change and inspire us. This film certainly changed and inspired me.