The Queerty Interview

Jared Leto Says Playing A Transgender Character Changed And Inspired Him

You first came to public attention with My So-Called Life, which was profound to a generation of people and now this film seems to striking a chord with audiences. Since you don’t act much lately, do you look choose projects that are meaningful?

Yes, I think this is an important film to be a part of. It’s nice to be a part of something so special. It’s rare. I hadn’t made a film in five or six years. I was touring with 30 Seconds to Mars and we had more success than we ever dreamed of and playing arenas all over the world. I wasn’t really looking to go back to work in film and this just kind of happened. It’s a really amazing time right now.

Most film awards pundits are predicting you’re the one to beat for supporting actor honors this year. You could become the first full-time musician since Frank Sinatra to win the supporting actor Oscar.

That’s a wonderful thing to say. You’ve kind of made me speechless for a second. It’s been incredible. To have gone from a dream to a reality with both music and acting, I’m just so lucky and grateful.

Photo credit: Getty, Focus Features

Watch a clip from Dallas Buyers Club below.