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Jared Polis Campaigns To Let Military Students Bring Gay Dates To School Dances

Colorado’s Rep. Jared Polis, who is being given a run for his “sexiest gay congressman” title by Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline, sits on the Air Force Academy’s advisory board. Which means administrators there have to listen to what he has to say! Or at least pretend to. Like I’m sure many did on Saturday in Colorado Springs, when he told ’em not only should the academy start hiring LGBT chaplains, but now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is on the way out, gay cadets should be able to bring same-sex partners to the academy’s official dances.

“It’s more than tolerance and respect,” says Polis, speaking over the weekend to the academy’s 15-member Board of Visitors, which calls the shots on discipline, instruction, and curriculum, and issues reports to the academy and the Pentagon. “It’s really being able to, from a military perspective, be stronger through the diversity that we have in our force.”

And the next thing you know, Polis is going to be telling the academy it should start letting trainees get high at the galas.

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