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Jared Polis: I Hope Gays In The Military Is Merely ‘The Civil Rights Issue Of The Next Week’

Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado either has no hopes of ever joining the Senate and making friends with Republicans, or he’s perfectly comfortable with his role as fortune teller on all things gay.

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  • Harrison

    I want to marry Jared Polis.

  • divkid

    I hear you brother! There is SOMETHING about him — maybe it’s the twinkly eyes, the puckish grin… ? It’s certainly NOT his estimated worth of **100MILLLION***. Nope .
    Nooooo. Not at all.

    Speaking on behalf of us poor benighted europeans apropos DADT, this is so confusing. We don’t get why its EVEN an argument WHETHER to repeal. Seriously, it’s embarrassing that you’re even having to make the argument let alone having had the act in the first place, and that it was put in place the DEMOCRATS wtf!? Its flaws, contradictions, illogicality are transparent and palpable and must have been so at the drafting stage. But notwithstanding surely the fact that most civilised nations have junked similar discriminatory laws in the teeth of the same kind fear mongering, and yet those same fears proved to be groundless; surely this should be the card to trump all.

  • tonyd

    You got to fight for change; you can’t just sit back and wish for it. If history has shown us anything, change comes slow and with compromise, never at the hands of passive, too.

  • D Smith


    the reason it was sign in under a democrate… was because republicans at the time were threatening to create a constitutional ammendment to outright ban LGB people from the military. DADT was used by Clinton as a stalling mechanism so that eventually LGB’s could serve openly like he originally had hoped for.

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