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Jasmine Masters: “‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ F*cked Up Drag”

jasmine masters rupaul's drag race season 7 drag queen
In a recently released video, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 contestant, Jasmine Masters, doesn’t hold back her feelings about what the show has done to the drag community.

Jasmine opens her video saying, “RuPaul’s Drag Race has f*cked up drag. Bottom line. Cut and dry,” then continues on to explain that the main reason she went on the show herself was to get a pay raise because she was sick of seeing drag queens come from out of town and make more money.

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“Half ya’ll asses can’t perform,” she complains, “Bitches are wearing panties and bras on stage and thinking they’re fucking sickening, the crowd think they’re sickening because they’ve been on this show.”

Watch the full video below to hear everything Jasmine has to say, then leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet them to @DragaholicNews.

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  • Ariel Hans Christian

    Oh great…another Carmen and Shemail incident. Like I said in another post : Seasons 1-4 were the BEST. Everything after = commercialisation of Drag.
    But with anything in LIFE the upstart/rebellion becomes the New Norm. ALWAYS happens.
    Roll with it, but I accept Ms. Masters’ view TOO. She right, bcuz in Hawai’i we all go to Scarlet which weekend features a Ru Girl 2x a month.

  • DJ_Gayburn

    I saw Jasmine perform in Long Beach a few months ago and she SLAAAAYED!!!! Bitch made Mary J. Blige look like an amateur!!!

  • lyoninthesun

    Ru has unilaterally imposed her vision of DRAG on the world . . . eliminating anything that stands outside her narrow vision of what DRAG should be or that might present competition to the RuPaul empire.

  • Brandon Taylor Miller

    Bitch mad cuz she didn’t make it as far as she expected. It’s not like she was on season 1; by her season she knew what it was.

  • Bryan Keith

    That’s just an excuse because you were awful on the show. Sorry honey.

  • Bryan Keith

    Yeah some bitches may not be that good in performing, but that’s not drag is all about. There are different fields in drag; transformation, dance and lip sync performances, stand-up comedies etc.

    • Robert Perez

      Most of those are actually types of performances. The most common being dance (or attempt at), lip sync and stand up. What I don’t like are the queens that just walk and wear pasties and a flat wig with barely any makeup and tiny lashes thinking they are fish… Flat boy body down.

    • Natalia Phoenix

      And that’s fine. But if you aren’t a performer, stay off the stage. It’s not a museum or an art exhibit, it’s a live performance.

  • Eric Metcalf

    This bitch has got it twisted omfg…..her drag isnt all that great….shes just ungreatful cuz america didnt love her

  • Bryan Keith

    And I’m just so pissed because some loser like Jasmine is the one who complained not the ones who were actually competitive.

  • Danny Gross

    It is a reality for a lot of industries “NOT JUST DRAG” that people you deem “untalented” will book more work than you or earn more than you. Instead of moaning and complaining about it, get on your hustle instead. And if you want to complain, do it like the rest of us and complain into a pint of ice cream. I just don’t see the point of putting down a show that gave you the platform you have today.

    • Joe Corchado

      Jasmine should be calling you right now for some low key life coaching.

  • Conor Lake

    Please, move on girl. The times have changed. Next.

  • He BGB

    Unpleasant. Instead of complaining and whining just be the best drag queen you can be to make a point.

  • Robert Perez

    She actually is right. Up until drag race you actually had to make a name for yourself by way of pageants or other means. And the girls that did tour the country… They were sickening. And I mean crazy sickening. Hair, mug, costumes, padding, shoes. Everything was correct. These girls would not dare be seen doing shows in mall drag. Cut forward to after the show has been out… The standards of drag have definitely changed. There are still pockets of greatness out there but in the long run everyone does something because Queen X was on drag race and if she did it its drag law. Girls still gotta wear hair, girls still gotta pad their hips, butt, and boobs, girls still gotta wear lashes, girls still should wear lots of makeup. But do they? Oh no, because such and such queen was on Drag Race and they didn’t do it. Wake up Queens of America!

    • Robert Perez

      Example: no eyebrows. Makes you look like a lizard with makeup on yet because someone on Drag Race (no names) has done the no brows look everyone tries to do it too.

    • Joe Pauley

      There are no rules to drag

    • Robert Perez

      While thats true there’s gotta be a fine line.

    • Daryl Potts

      But it seems like the fine line you are speaking of is only one drag? Queens who wanted to be simple couldn’t do it because of the pressure of pageants and other queens. Why can’t we have an array of queens? It just seems like the ones who oppose or dislike drag race are basing their opinion on one face on drag and that has me confused.

    • Brady Morrell

      Rules, no. Guidelines, yes. And I agree with Robert 100%. All the queens my age that I know do nothing but violet chachki and pearl looks. Some of them have never even seem a rooted front wig because they are too into lace fronts and aesthetic and shit. Like, no there isn’t just one type of drag, but also, the new girls who do bra, panty, and 1 flat lace front need to also respect that the big ass/titty/hip pad wearing, rooted front having, two or three wigs wearing, campy/clown/ pageant girls are also a VERY valid form of drag. As are club kids. Pissing contests like this between the drag genres is what makes drag? well, a drag.

    • Lana Fried

      Just like fashion, drag can evolve with time
      There’s nothing wrong with any time of drag as long as each queen is passionate about what she’s doing and gives it her all!

    • Robert Perez

      Not to mention the Carmen Carrera pasties look just walking around… Carmen actually had work done I’m sure even before she went full tranny so she really didnt need pads as badly… Though it wouldnt have hurt for, say, a gown. All the rest of these no pad wearing pasty showing boy queens who think they are fish yet give boy body down is one of the things that gets me.

    • Robert Perez

      I can go on for days about the shake and go wigs that these girls wear…. Rather shake and go wig. Just one. Does it take that much effort to find a seasoned queen who can style some hair and have her make something out of your new wig?

    • Joe Pauley

      That’s simply what I believe, you make drag what you want it to be.

    • Robert Perez

      ^^^ Trinity K. Bonet is a fine example of one type of drag: correct drag! You can wear the one wig and lingerie on stage without pads and think you are prime tuna with the lightest mug on earth… But in reality you look a mess. Sad to say that people will flock to that kind of cross dressery because Queen X on drag race did it.

      Thank you Trinity for doing drag the correct way.

    • Deven P Brawley

      Drag is Art, Art is Subjective. If you judge it, your just a critic. Period. Guidelines or Rules limit the art….what your speaking of is expectation and that means it is no longer a art form. Spin it how ever you like, but it’s art and art is Subjective. Does not make it right or wrong.

  • Amber White

    I get it, but that was evident before she went on the show.

  • Rob Veit

    That’s some sour fruit right there. ????

  • Joe Sielski

    Carmen Carrera 2.0

  • Travis Henke

    Bitter busted bitch.

  • Nikola Todorovic

    What I hear – “the tv and Internet revolutionized the drag scene” and I agree. However, the bitterness is still ringing clear form jasmine. :/ she wasn’t happy how the show “did” her.

    Drag to me is whatever you want it to be. If it’s Nicole Page Brooks, or Raja, or Vivacious, or Miss Fame… It doesn’t matter. It’s your craft and gift to the world.

    Just like Jasmine is sharing her gift, why try to belittle others?

  • Cesar Eduardo Arias

    I hate this cunt. She’s so full of shit. I’ve never seen a drag race contestant as pathetic as Jasmine other than Carmen of course. These bitches become a someone thanks to the show and then they turn around and talk shit. Fucking trolls. Jasmine has no room to speak. I’ve seen her live. Gave her the benefit of the doubt but she flat out sucks. She has nothing to offer except a lot of mouth and some big ass teeth. If anything she is part of the queens that have brought drag down. Get off your high horse You nasty bitch. Sore looser.


  • Joe Wooley

    Guuuurrrrl, just get back in your cocoon…

  • Dion Espinoza

    I’ve seen a lot of queens posting this giving this person props and clapping to what she’s saying but I call bullshit. First of all whatever editing was done to compose the episodes she was in, she had a piss poor attitude and didn’t even seem like she was competing to begin with. Like she said she wanted to get on the show to raise her booking fee. She got exposure but I seriously doubt it was the kind she wanted and I don’t think people are lining up to see her. Secondly, if you’re so old school shouldn’t you know how to sew and create a decent look for yourself in the first challenge and wear garments that properly fit you and that aren’t clearly borrowed from another queen? Thirdly talking down about queens and what they wear? You wore a skin tight crop top exposing your stomach with a short pencil skirt that obviously looks like it was purchased at DD’s Discounts, so you have no room to talk. Drag shouldn’t be defined as one thing, there are so many facets of drag, it’s an art! There is no right or wrong way so chill the fuck out and stop taking it so seriously because at the end of the day you’re a man in a dress and heels. Point Blank. Have a seat Jasmine Masters, that’s all I have to say.

  • Mark Milton

    Oh Jasmine why the long face?

  • Bry Bailey

    Fuck this cunt

  • Jesse Taga

    To bad she doesn’t look like the picture in this feed…

  • Robert Montagna

    Forgot all about her up until seeing this post…and I’ll forget about her again in another 2 minutes.

  • Esteban Baez-Tapia

    I’m sorry but this is just a bitter old queen jaded that she ain’t getting any jobs anymore. The queens of today are revolutionizing drag. Drag is not one type. Drag is dreams come true. There are no limits. If u can’t embrace the future then you are stuck in the past – Ru Paul did more for drag than you will ever know. And then this bitter queen comes along discrediting everything…she even went on the show with a shitty ass attitude thinking she was better than everyone. NO!! Jasmine is classless.

    • Karl Huff

      I worked in drag for 52 years and retired on my own free will. I never had trouble getting bookings and I started my career at the famous Club 82 in east village NYC. At the time (60’s) I worked with 27 fully costumed entertainers three shows a night with a 7-piece band. You see, we worked live by in those days. Haven’t seen any of that in the future of dreams, revolutionizing, or limits. Oh excuse me, I guess there are limits now. If we had not started the riot in MYC, you wouldn’t be able to look so outrageous now. We did the work and we fought the battle at the same time, so BITE ME.

    • Adam J. Gillis

      Well part of it is being likable, I mean if you want call backs

    • Marcos Gomez

      Karl no one wants to hear a seven piece band anymore and jasmine wasn’t even part of that generation. These queens are stand alone, back in ur day stand alone made them targets and today it makes them stars but I guess a headliner would know that.

  • Kerry Lane

    This Coming from someone who just put boot black on her face for the beard chalenge then just basically did the squats for her lip sync for your life. Never bite the hands that feed you bitch. And she talked about if it was her and Kennedy in the bottom that she’d just stand there. Jasmine wasn’t shit before and she sure as hell isn’t anything now

    • Gemma Miller

      I was hoping for another double eviction ???

  • Joey Frey

    Oh great another Bitter queen who is ungrateful that she now has a platform to stand on because Rupaul made her famous with the little show she went on and got her name out there. Bitch u sound just like Carmen and we all know HOW well the world likes her. If u cant be grateful then don’t be hateful. Biting the hand that feeds u will never help queen. MAMA RU made u and she can take u out. Remember before the show unless we came to one of ur performances no one every heard of u.

  • Mikey Cuenca

    Yeah, let’s take it from the most negative contestant who took the spot from Trinity. Go home Jasmine Masters.

  • Callie Byington

    She really didn’t seem upset about Drag Race when she was on the show. If you go to her page, her cover photo is her promo pic for it. Funny how terrible she thinks drag race is, but won’t stop promoting herself as a Drag Race Queen.

    • Pera Kasayapanandt Mkb

      It’s obviously her attitude! She cared but she couldn’t show it because of her ego! Look at the conversation she talked to Miss Fame

  • Jonah Weir

    Drag is an evolution, Jasmine is a joke.

  • Christian Forsythe

    Um, salty and janky queens and fags like her destroy themselves. You’re a nobody, girl.

  • Derek Æ Dolan

    If drag race fucked up drag so much then why apply to be on the show in the first?? No wonder this bitch was getting so many threats and hate..she’s fucking dumb as hell. #sorrynotsorry

  • Bill Eubanks

    Jasmine called it out! BRAVA!!!

  • Elysse Czopek

    She’s a pretty boring drag queen.

  • Simone Pitts

    Watch the video before u comment.

  • Leslie Marie

    To each their own. I’m sure she’d be singing a different tune had she won rupauls drag race…however, her opinions are not worth death threats geeez

  • Simone Pitts

    Don’t just read the title. Jasmine named the video that but if u actually watch it u will c what she’s talking about. Geez.

  • Orlando Rene

    Why is it, some of the most narrow minded people have the most to say, take him for another example, #girlbye

  • Anthony George Shazaam

    Times change, get with the program. I’d take this a little more respectively if it came from a queen who didn’t flat out quit trying on the show. I agree with a lot of her points, but the fact of the matter is, rpdr has showcased a lot of different elements, and jasmine masters choked.

  • Mateo Barrera Perez

    Lmfao im living for the cmmts!!!….yasss read this sour bitter pressed MAN! hahaha jasmine masters ha more like Jasmine SOURS!! Or Jasmine The Ungrateful!! Just shut up nd go away! I hope rupaul cuts dis bitch off just like she did carmen!! Can i get a amen up in here!! Lol
    Oscar Sanchez

  • Ernie GetchaLife Thornton

    What an ungrateful, no talent, horse faced thunder cunt. Bitter loser, table for one!

  • Jacques A. Fleming

    I totally get where she is coming from.
    Old school drag you really worked your look and it came from hard work, not that the new drag isn’t hard work, but there are tutorials, YouTube & TV to guide you now.
    I still respect both and still think it’s a true Art.
    My hat’s off to too all the Queens, but I have a soft spot for Old School girls.
    Much Love to all the Queens.
    That being said…don’t hate on each other. There is enough opposition from the outside world, so don’t allow hate, rudeness & disrespect into your own circles.
    As a wise Queen once said ” Everybody say Love”

  • Carlos González

    Then why did you want to be a part of the cast, you bitter old queen? Do us a favor and shut your -a little too big- mouth.

  • Harvey Del Rey

    Joel Carrizal They are going IN on her baby.

  • James Graebner

    She just did not have a winning personality or look….. And I’m being nice !

  • Marc Minaj

    Her Ass Mad Cause She Ain’t Win With Her Negative Ass Glad This Bitch Got Eliminated.

  • Kenzie Balloch

    Jacin Cameron this bitch salty

    • Cameron Hambébé Buckley

      She mad! I mean I agree with her in some respects that it seems some queens aren’t even trying anymore but come the fuck on like staring at the start of the video “I went on to get a pay rise” and I bet the bitch didn’t get one because what you ain’t that fucking great at what you do. She has no fashion sense what so ever, her makeup is busted and her lipsync didn’t leave me gagging.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Didn’t ru save her ass while Twitter was roasting the fuck out of her? And this is how you repay RuPaul? Maaaaaan…… Now your ass deserved to get dragged. Right by your thirsty haired lace front.

  • Steven AlanAlan

    No dear all its done is expose FUCKED UP DRAG. You.

  • Robert U Covello

    All I hear is “wah wah wah wah”. Suck it up bitch. She says “bitch thats not the only kind of drag” yet makes the insinuation that her type of drag is the only kind. Way to contradict yourself. Plus she doesnt even look like a drag queen in this video. She looks like a regular crossdresser. If someone is making more money than you than DO BETTER. Drag is not one thing. Fuck I shred guitar in drag. Does that mean I dont do “real drag” or im not a real drag queen? Quit crying bitch and go paint your face better.

  • Cari Yates

    Jeffery Ryan Jordan

  • Bob LaBlah

    @DJ Gayburn…….just curious but was she singing live or was it Memorex?

  • Shane Donovan Messick

    I don’t agree, and I find it funny she talks about minimal effort. Her makeup isn’t cute, her outfits aren’t cute, and her earrings certainly aren’t. She talks about not entertaining? I’m sorry, what do you do sir? Pretty sure you do nothing comparable to say a queen like Morgan McMichaels, Nina Flowers, Chanel, Shangela, Alyssa Edwards, Langanja Estranga, Latrice Royale, etc.

  • Aubriana Zurilgen

    This is the same thing as Face Off for me.
    It’s a give and take. On the one hand, these shows are showing people who would not usually be exposed to any of this what it is about (or rather a piece of it), which is SUCH a good thing! Especially in regards to drag!
    But, the drawback is that it becomes “the way to make it” or the newly introduced people to it to equate being on the show to being “successful”. I get it a lot for FX. “You should go on Face Off!” Why? I’m employed and doing well for myself already? “Well, you’d be amazing on it!” Thank you… but I’m already doing amazing by being employed and making things without the added stress of “quick challenges”…

  • Salvador Lara

    I don’t get why pageant queens hate in other styles of drag all the time. Season 3 was Alexis, 4 was Phi Phi, 5 was Roxxxy, 6 was Gia, 7 was Kennedy and Ginger. It seems to me like you can only do drag their way or you are wrong. There is no rules to drag, go out there, look sickening, and make them eat it!

  • Tony Schmitt

    So that means this is “good” drag??

  • Mona Lott

    I think she makes some good points, but she’s coming at it all wrong! I’m old school too, I’ve never worn a corset either and God knows Jimmie and I glue rhinestones to everything and make costumes from old wicker baskets, plastic planters and thousands of glue sticks. I love this old school drag, but I also respect the new girls and the inovaters taking drag in different directions. And that’s where I think the problem lies, though I respect the new stuff, most of the youngin’s DON’T respect the old school. It should be mutual! The old girls pathed the way, at a time when drag was not mainstream in any way and girls were not being received with the kind of adulation that now comes with tv exposure. But that is where Jasmine is wrong too! She should be thankful for Rupaul bringing drag to a main stream spotlight! There is room for all of us, but we have to all be more accepting and respectful of all the different forms of drag. That doesn’t mean we have to like it, (I personally don’t like the bearded queens, unless it’s camp like the cycle Sluts) but I still respect it. That’s why I’m so excited to be performing at the Austin International Drag Festival, where I can’t wait to meet ALL different kinds of queens and share my style with others who are appreciative of all styles of drag! “If you can’t love yourself, how you going to love someone else? ” Right Ru?

    • Sara Yousif

      It really doesn’t sound like the old school girls respect the new kids at all though. I don’t want to force you to rewarch last season, but look at how the older queens talked about the younger ones. The season before, Bianca managed to respect people until they gave her a reason to, but she was the exception I think.
      It sounds like you are able to respect people but it doesn’t sound like a lot of the others can. On both sides.

  • Nickolas Page

    she didnt do very good on the show, wasnt that impressive of a performer, her personality is a downer, and now she cant seem to do anything but sound bitter and complain about it, maby if she put half as much energy into being likeable, and improveing her craft she wouldnt have to try and diss everyone els to make herself feel better .

  • George Lopez

    She’s just A BITTER WANNA BE, cuz she got ELIMINATED….Nuff said!…..

  • Cassie McNulty

    No shade but….would she be saying that if she won?

    (Ok, maybe a little shade)

  • Joe Aufenthie

    Apparently mz masters missed that time Carmen took on rupaul

  • Noah Rung

    Bitch is bitter. Bottom line. Cut and dry.

  • tmewrpagn

    Jasmine needs to understand that high-glam drag like hers isn’t the only type of drag. I do agree that some of the more recent girls (and even winners) weren’t performers at all and were quite terrible at it but that for her to comment on their fashion style is ridiculous.

  • Chris Drennan Sudduth

    She just bitter cuz she got sent home and nobody likes hee now.

  • Sarah Sargent

    Oh no she better don’t ??

  • MissPenny Crayon

    Well not you can stick a Tampax to your face and be drag…

  • Mark Gemmell Imrie

    She has a point. Drag doesn’t begin and end with queens that have been on drag race. Support your local queens people

    • Scott Lawrence

      If anything, I think local queens get even more support after the popularity of Drag Race. Drag as a whole art form has benefited as its become more appreciated.

    • Mark Gemmell Imrie

      Think of it from her point of view. You’ve been doing drag for let’s just say 15+ years. Building your craft and learning the hard way and then all of a sudden some child that looks a mess doesn’t come prepared and can’t perform shows up and gets paid at least double what you do because their face was on TV? Yeah too right you would be annoyed

  • Trey Colton Russell

    Now you have to be just like violet just to get bookings and gigs. And it seems the community just wants to see four hundred versions of the same queen.

  • Phillex Gypsy Cairo

    Tell her to shut the fuck up. She’s a horrible drag queen always has…. I don’t get how she got on drag race…. I had her on Facebook an saw all her old pics of her shit makeup….. So stfu

  • MikeColling83

    Drag is art. Art is subjective. Drag is subjective.

  • Marky McNab

    Kealan Hiney Hannah Jenkins Chrissy O’Hara

  • Jamie Fisch

    You can’t handle it..

  • Jay Quintana Mua

    I love jasmine ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MadeinShade

    Bitter Twat

  • bobevansserver

    RuPaul does not have a narrow vision of drag. Its quite the opposite actually. She always puts a very diverse group of queens on the show and its not always who you would expect to win it. When Jinxx Monsoon won I would’ve never expected that at the beginning of the competition, but she slayed it in the end…especially her lip synch against Detox!!! I think all forms of drag are valid and if you’re not getting what you want out of it, step it up, change your attitude or get out of it! Definitely don’t blame it on the show that gave you a platform to even have your opinion now. That’s just what it is though, your OPInION!!! I am really tired of hearing queens talk about other forms of drag as if they’re not real drag just because its not their drag…open your eyes and your mind!!

  • BGinBigD

    Bless her heart! I guess she ain’t my “forgay”!

  • Nicki Guera Lizárraga

    Says the most untalented and ugliest drag queen known to man that’s talking mess bec she’s butthurt she lost.

  • Cassidy Hoffman

    Meredith the perfect example of someone who speaks just to hear the sound of her own voice.

  • Karl Huff

    I so agree totally.

  • Adam J. Gillis

    Meh, bit 2 faced, the whole “I’m not judging but…..”

  • Luis Gonzalez

    And this is the reason why many fans of the show disliked her and her misery. Apparently she can say she only went to the show for exposure? Uhm weren’t you trying to win the crown and failed miserably. Hopefully, she ends up on the list of queens who can’t return!

    • James Coleman

      I already heard about this. She’s just searching for the check she never got through bad words.

  • Keith Hampton

    Bitch just jealous because she was kicked off…didn’t care for her dumbass since she first appeared on the show

  • MaryJane Holland

    Bitter bitch cuz she ugly and didn’t win #Sorryboutit #SorryNotSorry

  • Dolores G. Llamas

    Blah blah blah, whatever. Saying “That’s not drag” is not drag. Drag is revolutionary, drag is outrageous and bigger than life. Drag is not remaining in the same little cubby hole for all of your career and not trying something new. Something new – *that’s* drag. Being outrageous – always has been drag, always will be drag.

  • Adam Rivera

    That bitch is a man in a wig shut up and take a seat

  • silveroracle

    Girl answer the damn phone and then we can hear what you say.

  • Sam Adrian Magee

    I can’t wait to hear what Ru and Michelle have to say about this on the next What’s The T.

  • Michael Sierra

    I think that before Rupauls drag Race. Pageants were the Drag Race of that time. It was the only type of competition with a large following. Understandably it makes sense why pageant winners would tour the USA. But pageants have a specific format and different styles of drag are just not seen in that format. RPDR is not a pageant. It is a competition based on other aspects of drag. It’s open to a wider spectrum of drag. That’s why we’ve had winners like Sharon Jinkx Bianca.

  • DJ Airrick

    She went in like she is serving us regal drag realness. There is a way to say something that will ask people to elevate their drag in an uplifting way, then there is this. The entire message of this video is lost in messy reads, so even if she was trying to get across an important message her personal feelings clouded all of it and it just comes across bitter. Have people step their game up by example, and if youre going to do a video reading someone about their look then you need to make sure yours is SICKENING first, how about those nails? Pageant girls arent all professional, I know a ton of them personally who are just as tired of some of the girls just starting out, so lets not go there. Messy, Messy, Messy.

  • Shane Payne

    I have to agree with her. I stopped watching after season 5. It really is the same queens over and over again. You have the Alaska’s, the willam’s, the Alyssa’s and so on. Same queens different names. I think that when you really delve into, without taking what she says offensively, she’s right.

  • Maria Ramirez

    How’s that for shade?

  • Justin Parker

    Unless u DO drag… It doesn’t matter what u think because u have no idea. I completely agree with her and so do most Queens that have been in the biz forever. It has been the main streaming of drag and unfortunately the end of actual free expression and creativity. Good bye individuality and hello $50 bookings.

    • Hap Clemons

      Individuality? Yes, you’re an individual just like everyone else. ???

  • Bob LaBlah

    I lost interest in what ever it is she wants to rant about twenty seconds into the clip. Who in their right mind even cares what this frustrated-with-HER-life ass queen has to say?

  • Nathan Rice

    Deejay-Derek Vittoria

    • Deejay-Derek Vittoria

      Saw this. Now have more hatred towards her. I was starting to warm-up to her

    • Nathan Rice

      It’s so hateful. Why be so bitter? What does it matter to her how other people do drag? Not everyone can afford huge opulent costumes, and not everyone wants to wear anything other than “mall clothes.”

  • Neal Barnhill

    Two dementional, not to sophisticated, low rent and an all round basic heifer! Bitch needed subtitles just to see understand what she was saying.

  • Julio Acevedo

    What happened to drag been a form of art? Just like in any other for o art it is open to interpretation. Who are you to say what’s right and what’s wrong? You may be so polished and professional like Bebe Sahara but if people don’t feel you they just don’t feel you. Is all about character, what you transmit to people. So Jasmine Masters I you were so “professional” why did you not comply with the beard challenge? Because you went with what you wanted in this video your make up looks very minimal very amateur so what happened to that??? I’m sick and tired of this drag queens bitching and moaning when things don’t go their way. Had she won or got higher in competition it would have been a different video.

  • Daniel Hamlin

    She’s a talent less man in a dress. She’s annoying, jealous, loud, and should just go away. My opinion, should never have made it on the show, and should have been first eliminated! I’d watch magnolia Crawford over this annoying bitch ANY day!

  • Hap Clemons

    That uneducated nasty mush-mouthed mess is drunk off her ass on some cheap booze from the drug store. If not for Drag Race, would anyone even know who that thing is? All I remember was that loud mouth and it leaving early…just like it needs to do now. B. Y. E. #uselessBITTERungratefulSKANK

  • Em Press

    Bitch looks like a drugged up horse I can’t even take her seriously. BYEEEEE

  • Josh Charles

    It’s kinda true and false. Oh well.

  • Ivan Bocardo

    In a way she’s right drag queens don’t try like they used to!! Long live the OLD SCHOOL

  • Iosha Jasmyn

    Jacqueline Blackburn preach :’)

  • asby

    If she didn’t act so sour while on the show…she would of been able to book gigs outside of LA…but since clubs only book acts they can sell tickets…she ain’t getting booked…you don’t have to win or even make top 5 on RPDR….but you need to come off a little better than a bitch in order for clubs to want to book you….that gay club in the middle of no where ain’t gonna apt you to show up for the zero tickets you can sell…

  • Gemma Miller

    All I kept hearing was panties and bras. There are different styles of drag, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Look at Sharon Needles, gonna tell me that isn’t drag because that isn’t the way you like to do it? I get the point you’re trying to make Jasmine but you just sound like a bitter ass bitch.

    • Gemma Miller

      Dann Carroll check this out

  • Scott Lawrence

    So over this bitch. She needs to shut that enormous mouth for a minute.

  • jorgecruz

    Basically she did exactly what she complained about- she went on RuPauls drag race to bring more attention to herself and to get paid more money and get hired in other cities.
    She can feel how she feels and say whatever she wants. However, she owes RuPaul an apology. Not because of how she feels about the talent and the costumes. She owes RuPaul an apology because now drag queens can feel a lot safer being in drag because the general public knows you. They feel they know drag queens personally thanks to Drag Race and they don’t feel as threatened, as angry or as uncomfortable as they have in the past. RuPaul has helped make drag queens a part of everyday life- which has to make it easier for that guy that has the deep down urge to put on a sparkly dress and a wig and show off for his friends and family and not worry as much about being thrown out, beaten up or disowned. If the success of RuPauls Drag Race has brought out some contestants with costumes that are a little less polished and not quite as fabulous as Jasmine Masters, I think it is a price worth paying.

  • Ledif Aneru

    Being progressive in life is the key. If we learned anything from this rant it’s don’t stay stuck in the past evolution is the key

  • DCguy

    In other words, she doesn’t like it that her hometown crowd has seen other Drag Queens on TV and might like them better.

    You saw her on the show, she was nasty and mean and incredibly bitter to any queens that were younger than her and now she is behaving the same way to Ru because she got kicked off early, as she should have been.

    Funny how all she did was kiss Ru’s butt the entire time she was on the show.

  • Dion Daly-Susino

    Someone sounds like an immature brat.

  • Trinity Kardashian Bonet

    How can yall call her bitter an mad but yall reading her……ahe didnt say antthing about anyone of you………you people kill me. An then yall take up for these queens who could give tobahits about you. …..but you havent heard it from me…

  • Richard Koehler

    Time.to.change ur drenched n soggy ass rag, Jasmine. She’s so Lucky to even have been on the show. Wow. She looks terrible too.

  • Marcos Gomez

    Jasmine Masters was a shitty queen with a dated, dusty look and an excuse for everything. She was mediocre and thas being nice. Her look for the runaway on episode one of her season was 1990 patti la belle, outdated as fuck. She and that horse face were not goons even be top six. Pageant queens are tepid.

  • Chris Peters

    My grandparents had a similar position about the iPhone…

  • Wholahay Brown

    I see her point tho. I feel like a lot of people. A LOT OF PEOPLE suddenly wanted to be a drag queen. Even some old burly butch looking dudes (who you can tell was assimilating into masc roles) suddenly wanted to be fem and do drag. Some pornstars had quit porn and were suddenly “drag queens” but when Ru paid them dust they went back to porn. So I see Jasmine’s point. Far too many people suddenly want to be drag queens and it has diluted real talent.

  • Bob LaBlah

    I can’t wait till the show ends so RuPaul can write a behind the scene book about many of those whor…er, um…girls, who have appeared on the show.

  • Stephen Brant

    I’m sorry but let’s call it out. She was bitter on the show and she is bitter now. There are plenty of drag queens doing their own thing and being successful and not wearing “panties and bras”. Latrice Royale, Jinkx Monsoon and Bianca del Rio are all KILLING it! Maybe it’s not about making more money. Perhaps it’s about your passion in what you do.

  • DCguy

    @Wholahay Brown:

    Then if what you say is right. Name them. Your comment was all vague insinuations but no facts.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @DCguy: So you would think, huh? There are a lot of sick people on this site who have no shame in signing in under another name just to give themselves support. I bet that is the case with that one. I thought along the same lines you did but considering the grammar of the comment and the fact that it was posted three times over a six hour period I decided to leave it be. But I say thanks to you for bringing it up.

  • bnard620

    @Wholahay Brown: But wouldn”t the view be more that because of the show people were more comfortable in doing drag. That maybe people that didn’t have the courage to do it before are now doing it.

  • stanhope

    @lyoninthesun: well it is her concept and her show…..don’t hate, alternate

  • Cat

    Hi Jasmine, I hear that you have been getting some negative comments. You are entitled to your opinion. Don’t let those negative comments get you down. I do think you have a point that RuPaul’s Drag Race has most likely had a huge impact upon the drag community, setting the bar way too high. Not EVERY drag queen is a performer! Some just like to dress up, go out and have a good time, and they shouldn’t be put down for that. On the other hand, drag queens that can do the splits or somersalts shouldn’t be judged as better lipsinkers or win because they can afford the best jewellery. It sounds like you’ve put in the hard work for many years, and I hope you continue to earn money as a female impersonator. xo

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