and she oop

Jasmine Masters stars in the most popular GIF of 2019

Who needs the RuPaul’s Drag Race crown when you have the top GIF of 2019? Jasmine Masters, who competed on the show’s seventh season and fourth All Stars season, went viral this year with her iconic “And I oop!” phrase, and now GIPHY has recognized her legendary status.

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Masters find out about the honor on camera as she opened a package from the GIF platform. “Congratulations on having the No. 1 GIF of 2019,” she says in the clip, reading a note inside the package. “Oh my goodness!”

Also included in the package is a trophy and a video player showing the GIF on a loop. “Oh, look at me!” Masters says, admiring the GIF that launched a thousand memes. “That bitch said, ‘And I oop!’”

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In case you somehow lost your Internet connection for months on end this year, Twitter users seized upon a 2015 video in which Masters complains about people who can’t handle their alcohol. But she suffers a terrible fate at one point in the video when she shifts her weight to the left. “And I — oop!” she says. “I just hit my balls.”

Hey, no pain, no glory, right?

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