Throws in Race-Baiting For Good Measure

Jasmyne Cannick Takes on Gay Pornographer For Attempting To Take Her Down

Jasmyne Cannick has a war of words on her hands.

Flavaworks‘ porn producer Phillip Bleicher filed a $250,000 lawsuit against the sappho-journo and other gay bloggers after they wrote about his run in with Chicago’s Department of Health, a phony charity and an investigation down Miami way.

According to Cannick, Bleicher packed up his Chicago-based company, which operates Cocoboyz, Thugboy and PapiCock, and moved the crew to Miami after getting busted for unsafe sexual practices. Bleicher says that’s bullshit and wants Cannick to pay.

Cannick discusses the Chicago affair:

The Chicago Department of Public Health recently released a report on the latest rate of syphilis and HIV infections in that city in its Winter 2006 report.

In their findings, they detailed a follow-up to an investigation they conducted into the unsafe sexual practices conducted by FlavaWorks, where young gay Black and Latin men engage in sexual acts for the enjoyment of viewers who pay a membership fee to watch.

As a result of the CDPH investigation last year, Flavaworks closed their operation in Chicago and relocated to Miami, Florida. The business’s owner, Phillip Bleicher, had also been charged by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan with operating a fraudulent charity that bilked schools nationwide out of millions of dollars but later dropped the charges.

While Bleicher hopes for a new beginning in Miami, he again found himself on the wrong end of the law when investigative journalists discovered he uses a residential home to shoot hardcore sex shows. Miami Assistant City Attorney Victoria Mendez maintains Bleicher’s business violates the city’s stance:

It’s the city’s position that the activity that is happening at that location should not be happening. It’s a single-family residence and there are children in the vicinity, and the city feels that this should be stopped immediately.

Now city officials are debating what should be done. In the meantime, Bleicher attempted to deal with Cannick and friends.

Because several bloggers felt compelled enough to blog about what was happening in Chicago and Miami, they have become the target of a lawsuit, yours truly included. As I said in the beginning I was given until today to respond to a lawsuit to the tune of $250,000 for libel.

I know what libel is and I know what libel isn’t and nothing that was written was libel. We simply stated and facts, which I am happy to do again.

Rabble-rousing Cannick then proceeds to again list Bleicher’s offensive offenses. She also takes a shot at cracker Bleicher’s black profiteering:

It’s bad enough that Bleicher is a white man profiting on the sex of young Black and Latino men. That alone makes my blood boil. And to think that even any of the allegations of their work conditions further pisses me off.

To be fair, Cannick, these boys are putting themselves in the position, so to speak.

As for the lawsuit, Cannick’s ignoring it and insists Bleicher should be “focusing on his own ass”. Clever girl…

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