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Jason Akermanis, Supporter of Closeted Athletes, Will Not Go Quietly Into the Night

Jason Akermanis, the Australian footballer who said gay players would stay in the closet if they knew what’s good for them, did not “resign” from the Western Bulldogs team — he was sacked, he now says.

Well yeah, no crap. After his comments went live in a newspaper column in May, and he followed them up with television interviews, the Bulldogs suspended him. And then the team decided it didn’t want to deal with him at all and axed him, all the while concocting a public statement that he resigned, and hoping Akermanis would go along with it.

But he’s his own man, and he will text message the truth to newspapers if he wants to!

Akermanis, one of two Queenslanders to have won the Brownlow Medal, had an explosive meeting with Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade over his exclusion from the senior side to play Fremantle on Sunday. “Mate they sacked me, all I wanted to do was help in September and they didn’t want my help,” Akermanis told The Courier-Mail last night.

The three-time Brisbane Lions premiership player told Bulldogs officials there was no way he would agree to a statement that suggested the decision to end his playing career was mutual. The outspoken personality decided this was one occasion in which he would keep his words to a minimum. Akermanis, 33, sent news of his termination to The Courier-Mail by text message and confirmed he would not be speaking publicly.

In a phone call later, he expressed his anger at the Bulldogs for sacking him without a farewell game and insisted he had been prepared to do whatever it took to earn a recall to the senior side. “People have got to take responsibility for their own actions,” Eade said. “You can’t say it’s the parents’ fault that a person has been in jail 45 times.”

Okay, now I have completely no idea where he’s going with this.

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  • RJ

    Love the Dylan Thomas reference. My favorite poem :-)

  • TampaZeke

    Using an example of a parent who constantly blames others and makes up excuses for their child who’s been in jail 45 times, he’s making the point that this douchebag has had fuck up after fuck up after fuck up and it’s time to stop making excuses for him and allowing him to blame everyone in the world for his bad behavior. It was time to fire his ass. He’s become nothing but an unwanted and resented distraction to the team. It’s been reported that the entire team is sick to death of him. That isn’t the kind of player that ANY owner or coach wants to keep on.

  • TampaZeke

    Actually the point was you can’t blame parents for a child that has been in jail 45 times. At some point the child has to be held responsible.

  • IonMusic

    @frozen north: and one of them was the backlash over his gay comments. Read the article dumbass. Homophobes…STAY OFF OUR BLOGS! Go back to praying to your fake religion.

  • RickyRicardo

    he is SO hot…

  • T.L Miley

    @RickyRicardo: In a meth face, junkie, just got out of jail and am related to the Manson klan kinda of way you mean? That is one BUSTED looking face. Ugly is as ugly does and this dude is fuggggggggggggg (inside and out)

  • Chris

    @IonMusic: wow dude that was a bit unnecessary, he was just saying that he had a large history of problems and issues and that it was more likely that he was sacked because of a culmination of bad press (including the gay comments) not just the gay comments themselves. Lay off the roids buddy.

  • Nick Farben

    Whether or not Akermanis is actually homophobic or just bad at giving advice, we may never know. He’s more like the string of directors and agents who still recommend their clients stay in the closet to protect their careers, many of them gay themselves. They actually believe they’re helping! So don’t pile him into the same heap as Mel Gibson yet. If we do know anything for sure, it is that Akermanis is an attention whore. The proof is in his bad bleach job.

    The Bulldogs, for many who don’t know, have recently been positioning themselves as being the most culturally diverse in the league. They’re still not quite as diverse as they make themselves out to be, but they do try very hard to foster that image.

    Aussie Rules Football, like most Australian sports, has for decades been cast as a heterosexual white male tradition. But times are a-changing and Australia is fast becoming a majority-minority country. There is a growing fan-base that isn’t white or closeted, and the Bulldogs want those fans. Earlier this year, they made front page news by drafting the first ethnically African youngster. And while they may have feined embarrassment, Akermanis’ seemingly homophobic comments gave them a rare opportunity to come out for the gay community. Now all that’s left to do is to sack him and they’re cast as heroes… champions of equality and diversity.

    Sigh. Football.

  • Bill

    This should leave him plenty of free time for cock.

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