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Jason Akermanis Wants Gay Soccer Players to Stay Closted Because Others Have a Problem

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Jason Akermanis, an Australian Football League player, wrote a little newspaper column saying it’d be best for gay players to stay in the closet because the league just isn’t ready for homosexuals to sashay down the field. He then tried to clarify his remarks, as is de rigueur in these instances, by saying gay athletes would be “safer” if they stayed in the closet. Ugh.

It’s not that Akermanis isn’t ready for gays to be open; it’s the other guys! It’s other players who would have a problem with showering and butt slapping with openly gay players — a silly argument, because they are already showing and butt slapping with gay player. They just don’t know which ones.

Naturally some openly gay athletes aren’t terrible impressed with Akermanis’ remarks, and are jumping on his back. As are the pundits.