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Jason Akermanis Wants Gay Soccer Players to Stay Closted Because Others Have a Problem

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Jason Akermanis, an Australian Football League player, wrote a little newspaper column saying it’d be best for gay players to stay in the closet because the league just isn’t ready for homosexuals to sashay down the field. He then tried to clarify his remarks, as is de rigueur in these instances, by saying gay athletes would be “safer” if they stayed in the closet. Ugh.

It’s not that Akermanis isn’t ready for gays to be open; it’s the other guys! It’s other players who would have a problem with showering and butt slapping with openly gay players — a silly argument, because they are already showing and butt slapping with gay player. They just don’t know which ones.

Naturally some openly gay athletes aren’t terrible impressed with Akermanis’ remarks, and are jumping on his back. As are the pundits.

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  • Tom

    Mmm, the Australian Football League does not play soccer. They play Australian Rules Football, otherwise known as footy or Aussie Rules here stateside.

    And this guy is just a tool.


    Maybe all that shoe polish he is using on his 90’s goatee is rotting his brain…………..

  • Cam

    So then by his logic, women shouldn’t apply to work in Wall Street Banks because lets face it, those testosterone driving traders really liked the good old boys network. And you know, minorities shouldn’t really go into the military because there may be some people in there who don’t like that etc…

  • onCloud9

    he’s hot. yummm.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)


    Will things change, of course they will, things change whenever someone comes out. It takes time for everyone to adjust, get used to it, decide what they can and can’t do, etc. Whether it’s family, work, a team, whatever. Common sense says that group dynamics will change. Welcome to life.

    But the reporter got it in one. It’s Ackermanis who has the problem, and he’s speaking metaphorically to deny his own discomfort.

  • scott ny'er

    yay for Ian Roberts for being out and rebutting this tool, Jason.

  • Devon


    He wants gay football players to stay closeted.

  • Blake J

    Why is it always the less appealing men who think every gay guy wants to check them out?

    This reminds me of one of the deleted scenes on the dvd for the movie ‘Mamba Italiano’:

    Where this gross, fat guy tells his wife that he thinks that all the gay guys will want to squeeze his nipples, because he is wearing a tight tank top.
    Then the main character, who is gay, puts him in his place and says he never even considered touching his nipples.
    This causes the straight guy to storms off, claiming the gay guy is not really gay, while his laughing wife follows him.

  • MARTIN j

    Tom is right…this is Australian Rules known as Aussie Rules . It bears almost no relationship to Soccer…other than played with a ball and some goal posts. Its played by both men and women here but the AFL is a men’s league.
    Can we get the title fixed ..its wrong..
    We are well used to Mr A opening his mouth to change feet. The reaction here shows overwhelmingly that people are underwhelmed or unsurprised by him.

  • MARTIN j

    its Aussie Rules guys NOT soccer. Can you fix that please.

    Poor Jason Akermanis,, I think hes trying…its certainly given us some great discussion points here. The reaction has been fascinating. We are used to him opening his mouth to change feet and I think hes learnt a lot!

  • TommyOC

    I’m really glad we have a portion of teh gays out there that know enough about sports to know that Australian Football ISN’T Soccer.

    Good on you, guys. :-)

  • MARTIN j

    I think it may be an American issue not a gay one?

  • Daniel

    I live in Australia and the general feeling by most people, gay and straight, is that this guy is wrong and a fool.

  • Chris

    where’s Jason saying Australia is virulently homophobic?

    I live in melbourne and for the past couple of days Akermanis has been taking so much shit even from people in the League. Makes me proud to be gay and even prouder to be australian…. next step marriage?

  • Jones

    Is that his real hair color?

  • JR

    Football. It’s Football here not Soccer.

  • rhydderch

    it looks like soccer. what’s the difference?

  • MARTIN j

    It looks NOTHING like soccer. They are two completely different games.

    Have you seen Aussie Rules played?

    Ball: Soccer-round/ Aussie Rules (AFL) -Prolate speriod (like Rugby)
    Playing area: Soccer-rectangular grass or artificial turf field /AFL-oval-shaped grass fields
    Teams: Soccer-2X 11 players/AFL 2x 18 plus + 4 interchange
    Goal Posts- two posts with net/AFL: four posts no net
    Play: Soccer- players use feet to kick the ball into position, occasionally using torso or head, goalkeepers can use hands or arms / AFL- Players may use any part of their body to advance the ball including kicking, handballing and running with ball
    Scoring: Soccer-players get one point for each ball kicked through the goal. Genererally low scoring game If score is tied either draw declared or game goes into extra time and/or a penalty shootout. /AFL-players get six points for the main goal and 1 pt for the side. Generally high scoring game.if score is tied, a draw is declared.

    physical contact: Soccer- limited/AFL extensive

  • MARTIN j

    Latest News

    End may be nigh for Aka

    May 30, 2010

    JASON Akermanis’ future was in limbo last night as speculation mounted he may not see out the season.

    A miserable season on field and inflammatory off-field comments about gay footballers has the Bulldogs contemplating a range of options, including whether to persist with the controversial forward.

    Aside from his on-field troubles, Akermanis was confronted by president David Smorgon, chief executive Campbell Rose, coach Rodney Eade, captain Brad Johnson and the leadership group last week in wake of his controversial column in the Herald Sun and faces another hostile meeting tomorrow after admitting he had written it entirely himself.

    The club had initially backed suggestions the newspaper had added words to the column but was left embarrassed when Akermanis conceded it had all been his doing.

    The club has not ruled out imposing a fine, suspension or even termination of his contract.

    At the very least, he faces sanctioning under the club’s strict media policy, written into all of Akermanis’ contracts outside the club and detailed clearly to him by Bulldogs’ management.

  • gilber

    hahahaha heterosexual males at the peak of masculinity ?!!!! i thought they were supposed to be one-half and the same flesh of their feminine counterparts.hahahahaaha these putrids have driven masculinity to the edge of pseudo-Hermaphroditism.

  • Steven

    The AFL’s a safe envronment for gays, but..
    This is why I read The Age.

  • Carrie

    It’s not soccer, you idiot. Do some research next time.

  • Martin j

    Interesting I even wrote to the publishers of this article to ask them to correct it-no reply! I know am being pedantic but it’s very wrong!
    I know it’s only Australia though so facts don’t really matter?

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